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The market is in charge of the language of avoid of a few management that should
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Tubal person is difficult, him canal is more difficult, as the selling manager, the problem that whether should look up oneself in the check in routine is in.

In real work, the author notices a few selling managers are managing the diction contraindication in the job daily, these avoid language often are in imperceptible medium happening, if do not go notice and trying to amend, will naturally produce the situation that manages out of control. Here author general a few quite " classical " abstraction of administrative avoid language comes out, carry to the colleague inside course of study wake, the hope can encourage with everybody.
Avoid language one: The person that I am × × -- the group builds a problem this is some manager give out to everybody in a lot of open or furtive circumstances bright show, among them the leader of some high level that what × × points to is group headquarters. Its meaning is to let everybody know, he is headquarters high level leads skill invite applications for a job to help advance somebody's career rise, work daily can have enough tiring-room safeguard.

Of this kind of brazenly " the knot that pull a side is sent " behavior brings about extremely easily everybody's allergy. Regard a kind of sale as the branch, as a result of " those who be in all corners of the country is far " and relatively alone, so everybody is in everyday so that,advocate group efforts spirit " hold a group in the arms to hit the world " . Archaism cloud: "Sweep before one's own door, repair a person first self-educated. " if faction intention of the selling manager is very apparent, the employee that lets at hand very hard unites cheek by jowl together. Additional, headquarters is more than this one high level leader, once this kind of word is passed in ear of leader of other high level, the job that will give oneself brings very big passivity.

Avoid language 2: Everybody gives me a face -- employee concern issue is on business meeting, some manager is those who strive for everybody to support say this word constantly. Actually, regular job arranges the essential component that is day-to-day management, not be everybody " give a face " problem. If task allocation rigid and " face problem " link up with, so certainly will general originally " fair right fair " working arrangement evolves " illicit is right illicit " the individual concerns. If everybody be on speaking terms, give you this face, criterion all everything is just fine; Once others does not give you this face, you think a problem relay to answer a desktop again, will pay more cost than before.

According to author understanding, a lot of selling managers are in intended between innocently hold together oneself and subordinate " private concern " , little imagine is in routine of these private concerns " safeguard cost " quite exalted, and the effect is very flimsy. A preeminent group is the organic union put oneself in another's position of the interest. Well and truly cinch interest ligament of everybody, can coruscate gives invincible group spirit. If the illusion passes private concern to safeguard this group, its can let a selling manager be mentally and physically exhausted only as a result.
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