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7 kinds do not have the controller of efficiency most
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Dish root Tan says: Busy point is not random quality, mind of the place that need idle is raised thoroughly; When dying, do not his mind disturbed, the thing when the beard is unripe looks so that appear.
Busy point is not random quality, mind of the place that need idle is raised thoroughly, it is to show heart sex is not random when wanting to accomplish business, must be in at leisure when had fostered sober and sharp mind. And we however rather. In at leisure when, we often landscape of as much as one likes, flow even vocal music, will regard as of life happy field, arbitrary and free and easy. If mountain torrents is eruptive,wait for a problem billowy and when coming, immediately mind fall is at a loss.

The optimist believes: The car has a road surely to the front of hill. This word probably truly. But, this road to you, be completely unfamiliar, the road that come unexpectedly. Miscellaneous perhaps brushwood gives birth to this road, riprap freely; Unfrequented perhaps, serpent appears and disappear. Perhaps be a narrow meandering footpath, essential cannot drive a vehicle. Perhaps be a blind lane at all. If you are to explore nature not countervail cannot. Otherwise if, be about accusatorial oneself- - why to arrive before hill just think of to have a road? You meet probably very grievance: Hopeful be a kind of goodness?

Pretty good, hopeful it is a kind of goodness. But hopeful not be to let things drift, do not think of enterprising. Be in however abominably is frustrated, abjection when use him hearten and unapt sink into. When your life is tranquil, you also should not go again without reason blindly hopeful. Otherwise, it is decadent. Be born at hardship, dying at peace and happiness is an extend ancient changeless truth. Because the thing is in forever,changing ceaselessly in. as the weather this June, just return clear sky 10 thousand lis, it is thunder and bolt in an instant. You if indulge peace and happiness, danger is not far from you. Want in those days I am big clear dynasty, kang Xi, yong Zheng, qianlong 3 face, so-called health male flourishing age, first Ju Baiguo's, how power and prestige! In those days big Qing Ying advocate peace big Qing Zimin, sit lie in health male flourishing age, once also had imagined country hopefully to always originally probably. Never think however, a certain number of after year, a fine long hair is ordinary flower auspicious pretty smooths, ride to the head of the emperor country to act wildly actually; The at hand when Tang Chao is defeated Japan, the naval horse and foot of will big Qing Dynasty completes collapse. The person's motivation is to be opposite the dissatisfaction of the current situation is sufficient in what produce. Satisfy at current situation every to mean the motivation that lost advancement, begin downhill.

Hero no matter one's previous experience. Opportunity to each person be equality. If be to plaint,lowliness of him one's previous experience is defeated was in on the scratch line, so, ask you to compare Israel. Israel is whole the country is to build on a desert, lack fresh water, without resource. Chilly middle east powerful nation is all around. But, go up in a such remains namely, israel created a miracle however, became the powerful nation of martial economy. So, do not go envying those more successful than you person. They succeed than you, because his effort is more than you,be, paid sacrifice is more than you. If you cannot make good preparation ahead of schedule, so when the opportunity comes, you are done not have with respect to the ability that captures an opportunity repeatedly. Even if have again much chance, have He Yi again at you?
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