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How to do an outstanding leader
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Do a leader to have a lot of methods. Every leader is mixed, can differ to subordinate " custom " detailed list. A lot of entrepreneur, handler always can ask a few problems that how become a leader: "What does the leader do actually? " and " how can you do a splendid conductor? " these problems, can see Jackie. Welch sums up 8 big " the leader is regular " :
1, the level that the leader should promote a group inexorably, use each opportunity to evaluate, guidance and the self-confidence that build employee. This is I am in those who say in an article " coach type is led " .

Have the group ability get victory of the most outstanding talent normally. Face of tripartite of the person that why is this as your need of the leader namely throws many time and energy:

You must be evaluated -- ensure will proper person is put in appropriate post, naughty stay infirmly strong, promotion overmatch;

You must coach -- the progress of how-to, criticism and help subordinate in each level;

Finally, you must build self-confidence -- a large number of encouragement, care and award. Self-confidence can give subordinate force to develop potential, be willing to innovate to dream in order to surmount, this is the motivation of successful group.

Normally, managing a layer to think to evaluate expression should be to be assessed end of the year. Actually otherwise. Evaluating should be daily undertake, blend in the square field surface of regular job. Visitting a client is the main chance that evaluates sale force; Inspecting a factory is to come up against the new supervisory opportunity that has a future; The coffee time during attending a meeting is to teach group member how first the channel of major state. Regarding yourself is gardener, taking jug single-handed, take fertilizer single-handed. Occasionally you want cleared fireweed, but you just get on more moment fertilizer and take care of, see abloom result next.

2, the leader should ensure everybody has aspiration not only, live in aspiration even.

The leader must be group establish target, and must make target clarity specific. How can you just accomplish this? Above all, do not want talk irresponsible. Target cannot punch-drunk down to comes true hard. You often must talk about the target of the group to everybody. A common problem is, the colleague with leader and close relationship undertakes communication with respect to the target, and the target never issues the employee that achieves a body to be in forefront.

If you hope subordinate lives for the target, when they accomplish this " see award to them " . This money can be salary and bonus, also can be in public praise.

3, leader infiltration the skin of everybody, coruscate letting a person gives strong interest and optimism.

A hopeful and happy controller can guide a happy group, and the leader of bellyful of a complaint can make subordinate depressed, latter should strive for a success often very difficult.
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