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Do not enrol a person to brush a person only China for HR
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All over all companies of all previous whole world, never still discover the strange phenomenon that elephantine China operates so for HR.

No matter 1HR looks for a person to brush a person simply, is this the duty of HR?

Branch of 2 choose and employ persons is short of a person to get a nuisance urgently, HR first instance is 1 to in Feburary. HR are you to be in a company to serve to still be in a company to make trouble? Which capable the person is not several companies are being grabbed, other people of your this first instance has skill return have to does in you this tree hang oneself die?

3 good find very appropriate person selected not easily, you improper, even what reason also does not give give killed, is technical interview unit of choose and employ persons or your HR? Does HR have so great power, be still HR?

4DGDX is a when the high level proposes a toast to adjust company fuel a few unreasonable phenomena are rolled out very good measure originally, result HR is good, do so that company staff does not have a few glad, the controller of HR thinks well!

5 China for the company from initial hardship, stride development pretty good still today, not allow more easy. The management of the company has suited the extensive type management previously no longer, allow to also always had been nodded personally, want to be changed subtly. What to but your HR still is in,do to not be the off system of employee consider, do again employee complaints are heard everywhere!

Any 6 companies should be done do greatly strong, must the precipitation of knowledgeable precipitation and experience, what do these rely on, rely on the talent's precipitation! HR thinks well, why a few this years does employee leave his post is rate so high? Brought how old negative effect to the company?

If the leader of HR can see,this is stuck child, hope you think well, above exemple those who lift is a fact, still a lot of phenomenon does not want to be in this one by one exemple adduce comes. Perhaps your HR has your idea, but HR is HR, serve for the company, once your behavior or the dissatisfaction that the normal operation of system impact company perhaps brings about large area employee, show these behavior or improper need revises the system.

A lot of officers of company, some or high level are bad to pat you face to face, but you do not have self-knowledge however.

I also am to cannot help really, the branch is good find a very appropriate person selected not easily, your this first instance gives careful so long, be final examine and verify passes, the family does not come bad to say.

Sending this to stick is not to want specific condemnation who, hope current to the company HR phenomenon is improved somewhat sincerely however. Hope company high level can see this is stuck, if can cause your reflection, I more feeling is gratified.

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