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Gap of JAVA engineer talent is huge
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In January 2008, the advertisement of engineer of advanced software of JAVA of 100 thousand invite applications for a job attracted a yearly salary of some software company numerous media and IT the look from personnel of course of study, everybody of doubt besides the yearly salary that provides appeal quite, more it is to this the company is willing to invite " capable this year's graduates " feel bemused. Emphasize working experience in most enterprise when, why does this company want does high specified number invite a this year's graduates? One of this company controller looks be like simple " the talent is begged hard! " probably point out therein essence.

Structure of supply and demand is unreasonable, it is difficult that the grammar exists easily

At present development of industry of our country software breaks through mill times already, development means already upgraded stage by stage via be being fought alone by the singles that software develops before the manufacturing mode that is industrialized, automation line type, change as the development of whole industry, the demand structure of software industry person with ability also produced corresponding change, the education of personnel of technology of software ground floor can satisfy the development of whole industry already basically to need, saturated with each passing day, and what industrialized production mode falls is medium advanced technology personnel is more and more in short supply, the demand of personnel of framework of the software project manager that has certain experience, system is far the contradiction that is more than supply is very outstanding, plus groom the orgnaization still is inputted ceaselessly in in a steady stream mostly among IT industry, oversight the problem of administrative levels sex that the talent fosters, bring about talent of IT blue collar accumulation phenomenon is serious, firewood fulfil reduces primary programmer again and again. The youth that pair of IT industry enormously proud of one's success return a year a lot of ago, must choose more of high end groom, the footstep that in an attempt to catchs up with the industry grows. "Come groomed student is accepted here, besides this year's graduates of the college, it is to had had IT for the most part the blue collar talent from already check, the one part among them begins all-pervading moment to turn to enter IT industry all right in IT education just about. But the study ability as a result of itself and quality base problem, blue collar of a lot of IT is entered after going 35 years, still doing reduplicative code to write the job, firewood fulfil rises as the addition of working fixed number of year very hard however. " country's biggest IT talent serves an orgnaization -- Ms. Gu Yanfeng tells the education chief inspector of Oriental standard us, of more university and programmer of university above record of formal schooling enter, make the obtain employment foreground of IT blue collar suffers concussion fully, to assure the competition ability inside the industry, they must choose more of high end groom course, if Oriental standard JAVA is advanced,class of software engineer obtain employment reachs series of core skill class.
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