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9 big CEO of world do poineering work course
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■ century overlord builds Ci than Er ·
In lakefront middle school, built Ci confusing to go up an awakward computer terminal. Still going up century the Xiyatu of 60 time end, let a student use the computer, this is very infrequent -- factual proof, it is right of Gates grow the effect with rose very main. 1998, when leap up goes up like fortune rocket of Gates, he amounts to 50 million dollar at most into Zhang everyday.
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■ the Wang Daier that sells continuously

Er of the Xiaodai when 12 years old puts an advertisement on stamp collecting magazine do stamp business, from this earn the first personal computer that 2000 dollars bought him himself with this money. Experience Rangdaier this to realise the advantage that crosses middleman to do buying and selling. 16 years old of class hour in going up, dai Er of Michael Er · is replaced cease Si Dui " Post " pull subscriber, because manage,have art, his make a great coup earned 18 thousand dollar and bought car of a BMW.

■ Wang Jialian of IT a strong determined person

He is right normal education all the time disinclination, very yearning however independence does poineering work. 1942, only Wang Jialian of 8 years old follows parental immigrant United States. The life is unusual in those days hardships, wang Jialian often is done a few by the work of person look down upon, the lunch that often connects 32 cent be unable to get something to eat. A lot of after year, memory removes the anguish of one's early years, he always is mention lightly region passes: "Emigrant life is very great to my influence. "Emigrant life is very great to my influence..

■ Caesarean founder Keyes

Keyes is called to manage talent and job mad. It is informal that he is being worn, often wear the dress of khaki cloth, like to put the foot on the table, resemble the big boy of an adjacent home. And individual character is undemonstrative, feeling giving a person is a bit cold. He ever said wittily: AOL handler " need not I give an idea in disorder " , oneself can decide daily routine.

■ justice of network gigantic descendants

The Sun Zhengyi when high school reachs American north California from Japanese change one's dwelling house, his wisdom is bright bypass the immediate leadership enters university of California Baike Lai to be read, major economy. It is during the university with respect to earn the first pail of his gold. After graduation, because long for a mother, pacific Ocean of Sun Zhengyi crossing returns home town.

■ Internet gentleman Chambers

On conference of when hold in California city large technology, the presiding apparitor of Chambers and company of Cerent of promising young person of telegraphic device sphere blocks Er. Lu Suo encounters. The first time meet, chambers namely come straight to the point asks: "Do I need to ability of how many cash spend to buy your company? " there is customary smiling expression on his face.
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