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"Whole nation of name of social security Zhang plans as a whole, can be on the move freely between different ground. Current, our country of short duration cannot realize this one target. " when Wang Dong of undersecretary of labor safeguard ministry enters the country to accept our newspaper to interview in people congress hall, express, of social security " area screen " the current situation, although bring about individual hobo to abandon social security actively, but because of " finance system does not match, social security whole nation plans as a whole difficulty is very great " .

Level of each district subsidy is different bring about account short-term go hard along with the person

As we have learned, as a result of the social security between our country area " cardinal number is different " , the insurance such as the provide for the aged that hobo hands in, medical treatment, unemployment, if did not achieve formulary fixed number of year, want to leave Wu building site only, both neither of each society insurance can sum puts forward, cannot be on the move along with the person again, hobo is faced with extremely easily " all one's previous efforts wasted, heavy head comes again " ending. For this, individual hobo, especially peasant worker worker, abandon enjoying of one's own accord " 3 danger one gold " the right.

Wang Dong is entered say, "Whole nation of social security account plans as a whole " it is a long-dated target. Because a variety of elements such as area finance difference are affected, the level of social security subsidy of each district is different, because this is short-term inside, our country cannot come true " account goes along with the person " , the insurance of armour ground pay, second ground does not have the condition that overall admits temporarily. So, the specific executive plan that social security whole nation plans as a whole still is discussing in.

Peasant worker worker needs inductrial injury to be sure most at present

"Be based on current current situation, provincial had been a right result as a whole, the country will choose a few province, as provincial those who plan as a whole is pilot. Before the whole nation plans as a whole, adopt this one measure first. " Wang Dong is entered say.

"The crucial point that ginseng of peasant worker worker protects is not endowment insurance, however inductrial injury is safe. " Wang Dong is entered think, although partial peasant worker worker abandons " 3 danger one gold " , but its choose " ancestral home -- , city -- , ancestral home " also be versed in also farming working way, "Flow is agile, accord with Chinese current situation " , and compare with endowment insurance photograph, the demand with safe inductrial injury more " pressing " , can assure the actual right that the farmer is versed in more.

   " labor contract law " near future of executive detailed rules comes on stage
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