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The analysis of channel of invite applications for a job of ruse of company pe
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Arrived again annual find new job the busy season with invite applications for a job, the invite applications for a job before the rank on media leans kind the website hits lengthy and tedious advertisement in succession, comparing those who be worth commend is Huang Jianxiang is " wisdom couplet " invite applications for a job does jump downward from the moon, the theme is " was certain to jump again " do laugh at advertisement, it seems that be good at auspicious elder brother more and more changed oneself figure recreation -- such it may not be a bad idea, recreation the masses, enriched oneself, it is the money bag that enriched oneself at least; Another is future do not have care " boast swims on the west edition " advertisement, that advertisement from appeal to beg a dot to tell give no cause for more criticism, him feeling that makes love captious at odds the actor's lines that is that a twist in one's tongue Hunan merely and " realize empty " feeds horse -- not be famous Bai Ma unexpectedly, however red horse.

Of course, this also is the flaw stopped merely, not captious still good. Doing not have any work after all is spotless.

Oneself basically talk about some of topic that analyses about channel of company invite applications for a job here.

Normally the enterprise is like channel of below a few invite applications for a job:

   One, the person that the person that wish swallows the bait:

This basically comes through the network inquiry, person that await to apply for a job ego is recommended, the means that perhaps recommends through enterprise interior employee, core principle avoids to spend money in link of invite applications for a job as far as possible namely, although help wanted also is the conduct propaganda of company image, but the direct consumer that seeing advertising person may not after all is company product and service, consequently enterprise of quite a few can throw field red-letter day to decrease in this as far as possible.

But although network inquiry can save capital, but can have sex of stronger effectiveness for a given period of time, effect apparent. And to apply for a job person ego recommends pass away the sham as the genuine, what the means that ginger great-grandfather fishs finds always is those people that are concealmented very greatly, become confidential impossibly naturally, and the means that interior recommends is to hnow through and through admittedly, can form culture of connected through one's relatives however, divide interior melt into to be contended for factionally, the politics of the enterprise is changed avoid hard. This can be deadly hidden trouble to the future of the enterprise.

   2, the person that hit out actively:

Hit out actively invite applications for a job of main component advertisement and spot invite applications for a job two kinds big. Among them advertisement invite applications for a job:
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