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The person that the expert shows to apply for a job is used opportunely " labo
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3, April, all along is busy season of traditional to apply for a job. With employ square photograph is compared, the person that serve as the to apply for a job that is in weak power position people, a bit not careful can encounter all sorts of " duty field trap " and " unequal treaty " .

Concerned expert points out, new " labor contract law " carry out, let employee enjoy greater choose trade freedom and labor right, those prepare the duty field personage that find new job, must understand adequately " labor contract law " gift oneself right, want to know the weapon that applies law to protect his already, the guidance of the orgnaization of authoritative to apply for a job that also wants have the aid of to have experience is helped, such ability are not had in on-the-job field adverse toward.

Trap try out of 1 low firewood expires to dismiss

Case: Xiaojiang is the undergraduate of strong finish school, a lot of companies when just graduating at the outset " beg hard " . One looks be like the company of science and technology with each field good requirement to promise to recruit Xiaojiang, agree probation is 3 months, but 500 yuan pay only inside probation " probation salary " , formal salary talks again by corresponding post after becoming a full member. Xiaojiang is hold this one opportunity, agree entirely not only, and from go to work the first day to try hard to behave, also get for many times of the manager reputably. But, soon 3 months should arrive, he discovers however, together a few people of try out are dismissed in succession. Eventually, xiaojiang also received the announcement with unqualified try out, this ability discovers Xiaojiang, oneself may encounter " baleful try out " , fell into employer to had been engineered " probation " in trap.

Unscramble: Advanced and advisory Gao Rui points out research center of talent of net of China person of outstanding ability, in the link that enter duty probation trap is compared common, xiaojiang's example has certain catholicity. After enlarge of our country institution of higher learing was enrolled 1999, the this year's graduates often sighs with emotion when to apply for a job to apply for a job is difficult, for can by employ, to enterprise probation " train in excess specified length " , " low firewood " wait for illegimate regulation to not hesitate to close completely according to sheet. Occasionally, probation was become actually finally " use in vain period " .

He thinks, new " labor contract law " did more detailed regulation to the deadline of laborer probation and salary, to the enterprise this kind exploit the behavior of laborer did limitation badly, the legal environment of the person that should say to apply for a job had produced change. But, the person that Gao Rui reminds to apply for a job, especially this year's unripe to apply for a job person people attention, " labor contract law " did a series of the regulation will safeguard laborer the rights and interests of this respect.
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