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Post a letter of natural resources of new ronin power pacifies employee
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On March 23 evening news, sina employee discloses to Sohu IT, ministry of sina manpower resource sends mail to say Chen Tong of sina network editor in chief has gone back to the motherland to faculty in 22 days, but did not put forward abdication to administrative layer, return human affairs of nearby period sina to change the hearsay did a specification to employee at the same time.

Begin from March 20, much home media begins to report human affairs of sina net high level is fluctuant, that day afternoon, sina interior mail announces the whole nation sells depose of general manager Zhang Yu, caused the outside to move what contradict with the high level to guess about sina person emergency, announce to sell the new framework of the ministry subsequently. Coverage of much home media says, chen Tong of sina network editor in chief and Zhang Yu of countrywide sale general manager had produced difference with CEO Cao Guowei, old red assistant states when accepting media to interview Chen Tong is inspecting study in abroad, and Cao Guowei denies a high level to change He Chentong leaves his post hearsay.

Ministry of sina manpower resource states in mail the near future sells a ministry to adjust 22 days is the one part that since 2007 the market sells ministry whole strategy to adjust. Notable is, the job that Zhang Yu emphasizes in mail is in the sale the branch is in charge of straight guest working only. And sina says Zhang Yu is the whole nation in the internal postal matter in 20 days sale general manager holds general manager of Hua Na branch concurrently.

"Develop strategic need to satisfy company whole business, via company management the layer considers to decide, to selling the organization of the ministry the framework undertook adjustment. Since March 20, 2008, zhang Yu holds the position of sale general manager and post of general manager of Hua Na branch no longer. In the meantime, li Xiang of chief inspector of sale of Yuan Hua north already acted as agent post of general manager of countrywide straight customer, be in charge of business of countrywide straight customer, direct Xiang Dugong is reported. This human affairs changes is company plan is medium adjust, it is the one part that since 2007 strategy of whole of market sale ministry adjusts, what manpower resource ministry thinks to be necessary to clarify is: Zhang Yu is in charge of straight guest working only in sale branch before this. At the beginning of 2005, du Gong takes up the post of sale department general manager to begin to be in charge of selling a job, the job that Zhang Yu is in charge of 2 selling straight guest of ministry China north at that time. " state so in mail.

This mail still confirmed the tendercy of Chen Tong of sina net chief editor, state Chen Tong did not put forward abdication. "Last week, sina carries out vice-president to hold Chen Tong of editor in chief concurrently to be organized in concerned branch, go to abroad to inspect study. Already went back to the motherland at present, working status is normal, did not put forward the act of abdication to company management layer. Did not put forward the act of abdication to company management layer..
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