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Recruit of the 2nd quarter anticipates Chinese enterprise drop to come 3 years
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Global manpower resource served Shang Mobao Cheng Hua to release newest employ foreground findings today, the index of only service foreground of industry of region of chinese mainland of the 2nd quarter was 8%(classics 2008 seasonal adjust data to analyse) , the weakest employ foreground that the industry that this is chinese mainland area appears since the 2nd quarter joined this investigation 2005 anticipates.

Index of only service foreground is to show all enterprises that accept investigation are medium, what the employer scale that expects to increase employ number subtracts expectation reduces the employer scale of employ number is poor.

President of division of big China of Cheng Hua of 10 thousand treasure Ms. Wu Rexuan thinks new " labor contract law " the influence is being shown stage by stage. "" labor contract law " carry out farther standard the behavior using labour of the enterprise, and to the understanding of certain clause in new law the error makes the enterprise adopted more prudent employ action. But the ceaseless development that carries out as new law, the employ behavior of the enterprise will tend reason. Proposal company uses this one chance, perfect manpower resource system, choose the more efficient mode that use labour. " Wu Rexuan say.

With go up to be compared first quarter, classics is seasonal adjust data to analyse, the index of only service foreground of this quarter fell 7 percent, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 8 percent. In the meantime, join seasonal after adjusting an element, finance, insurance and real estate, mining industry and bldg. , carry reach public utility this 3 large trades appear out 2005 the weakest employ foreground since the 2nd quarter.

This quarter serves course of study still successive the 3rd quarter continues to hold a title the head of a list of names posted up of foreground of industry hirehire labor, the only service index of this industry is 12% (classics is seasonal adjust data to analyse) . The employer that serves course of study people anticipate future this group course of study still has huge to develop latent capacity. The major activity such as rich of Olympic Games, world, country " 915 programs " the attention to serving course of study, and the rapid development that macroscopical economy environment promoted service line of business, stimulated this industry growth to the demand of personnel recruit.

From the point of the area that suffers investigation, center-west region expression grabs an eye most, especially Wuhan and Chongqing two cities. Investigation shows, 2008 the employer of area of Wuhan of the 2nd quarter people showed most powerful employ momentum, its are clean employ foreground index was achieved 17% . Wu Rexuan thinks, contemporary service line of business has Wuhan to develop a foundation very well, its proportion exceeds the half of GDP, obtain approval of the State Council to become recently especially " resource is managing model with the environment friendly model society " after building integrated form a complete set to reform test division, wuhan puts forward preferential hair to show era to serve course of study, make the enterprise of this area behaved very positive employ prospect.
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