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Talent of 5 kinds of estate
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Yesterday, first " industry of estate, building, building materials, adornment " invite applications for a job of talent of thematic trade special performance can exhibit a center to appear first in the country, invite applications for a job is met " fine and essence of life " show at the beginning of the trend. The talent such as budgetary engineer, horticultural engineer becomes industry parvenu.

The reporter sees estate is advanced the talent is in short supply still, contention is intense. Growth of opportunity of firewood respond with a poem is the rapiddest in senior position shares 5 kinds: It is the general manager that operates brand house property to develop a project independently, 2 it is the professional that undertakes fixed position of house property project, product fixed position, 3 be respect of project plan, sale plan is medium senior talented person, 4 it is the talent that has capital to run field experience, 5 be respect of development of commercial real estate is medium senior talented person and professional.

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