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Much home is in China Han endowment boss " be missing "
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The reporter interviews understanding to arrive with all possible means, in recent years a few Han endowment the enterprise adopts leave a country of abnormal method collective as a result of its director staff, ill will escapes loan of duty Wu, bank and worker pay to wait, left a lot of problem to place.

Enterprise seat government sector is faced with a lot of difficulty when handling these bequeath problems.

City of Qingdao rubber state is enterprise of this Han endowment " escape " focal area, among them, have most representative is to be located in brook of cloud of rubber state city the Korea of street agency is solely invested leather business escapes case. In December 2006, the bibcock enterprise Qingdao of line of business of leather of rubber state city believes one leather limited company and Qingdao to believe administrator of high level of 5 leather limited company to abandon suddenly the factory goes back to the motherland entirely, factory immediately sink breaks down, the payment for goods that causes large quantities of suppliers cannot be asked for, nobody pay the salary of nearly 600 workers. The supplier of the worker that loses a tie and partial know the inside story begins to fool grab factory goods and materials, enterprise inside and outside a disorder. After this, lose the job the supplier that nowhere gets back the worker of salary and numerous nowhere to ask for payment for goods runs to group of Yun Xi agency and rubber state municipal government to appeal for help again.

Chief of bureau of trade of the classics outside Qingdao city expresses, because amount of experience case capital is huge, this one incident is maintained to be Han endowment enterprise to escape malign case. The data that court of people of rubber state city announces shows, end to declare day to final creditor's rights on July 15, 2007, experience is believed one, the forehead that believes total bid of 5 companies case makes an appointment with 11.5 million yuan. Additionally the Bank of China chases after countervail loan, the forehead of mark makes an appointment with 4 million yuan; Subbranch of a bank of city of state of rubber of Chinese agriculture bank applies for to participate in allocate, the forehead of mark is 100 much dollars. In the meantime, custom duty of customs of two companies Home Shang Qianguo wait 38 million yuan. But, after undertaking handling to two companies worth, change show belongings to have many yuan 1500 only, far insufficient fill these debt flaw.

Still a few ever had have the enterprise that business cooperates with Han look forward to, as a result of Han look forward to escape, nowhere chases after debt denounce. Liu Guixian is the boss of company of handicraft of health house of town of Qingdao rubber state, he says, begin health world company to mix from 2006 the name is the Han with wide abundant endowment the enterprise had business collaboration, specific it is abundant wide give fittings of a few headgear Kang Yu, undertake machining by its. After treatment is over, feng Anfu machines cost to Kang Yu, it is to pay this month commonly go up treatment cost of the month.
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