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The 10 problems with hunt the most commonly used head: Value ability
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"Have year of sale the European company of 80 billion U.S. dollor, want to ask you to hold the position of the civil service chief inspector of big China area, do you look have interest? We want to chat with you. " when you receive similar telephone call, congratulation you, you by hunt head photograph medium.

Believe many senior talented people had received this kind of phone, do not cross major person and do not have so lucky. What lack to information is medium for advanced profession person, popular nowadays is good luck of sit back and wait no longer, find hunt head actively however, volunteer one's services, have the initiative counterpoises. So how to find appropriate oneself hunt head? How to speak with hunt head?

Head of hunt of welcome of nearly half person arrives visit

Invest the grow in quantity of the enterprise as Shanghai foreign capital, of center of more research and development establish, the soil that hunt head industry survives is richer and richer. According to woman husband [] message, the firm of head of foreign capital hunt that enters Chinese market in recent years amounts to many 200, hunt head became " the person sees the person loves " part: Be market information on one hand " barometer " , offerred better professional chance to professional person on the other hand. General hunt head has on program of career of on-the-job course of study, they are responsible " pack " individual, facilitate " trade " , although do not want to find new job, professional person also won't reject free profession to seek advice. An investigation shows, the person of 48% of head of special reception hunt to visit, the person that has 48% additionally shows reliably " not repellent " , only the person of 4% refuses professedly.

How to become prey actively

Of hunt head to proof that visitting is individual profession success undoubtedly. So, what kind of ability can get the show appreciation for sb of hunt head actively?

Above all, search right way to stand by hunt head. Hunt head is relatively secret trade, often give a person " magical Long Jian head does not see end " feeling. Accordingly senior talented person needs to search the information of hunt head actively, introduction of the personage inside network search, course of study, enter hunt head forum speech, through hunt head people recommend each other etc, it is effective medium of communication. Of course, hunt head firm has size to count 1000, still need to differentiate dimensions and professional.

Next, search appropriate hunt head. Firm of each hunt head has " specialty " , some companies are for instance dedicated at doing heart endowment enterprise, some hunt head is Japanese client to dig a talent mainly. Again for instance some of company is familiar with be good at IT industry, have client of big IT well-known company, some of company criterion has good public praise in the industry such as fast consumable, car, finance. Of course, the hunt head that still a few more wholesale companies do integrated industry works, have the outstanding client that comes from each industries. Duty field person should locate according to his industry, search the hunt head firm that agree.
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