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Human affairs
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Position name: Human affairs Number of invite applications for a job: 1
Requirement major: Do not be restricted Want attend school all previous: Three-year institution of higher learning
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted Workplace: Jiangsu saves city of hill of Suzhou city elder brother
Age floor level: 28 Age upper limit: 40
Position explains etc asks:
Position requirement:
1, age 28-40 year old, the men and women is not restricted, three-year institution of higher learning and above record of formal schooling (article secret and graduation of manpower resource major are preferential)
2, have similar work experience two years above, apply office software adroitly.
3, have extremely strong character strength, draft report of of all kinds file and conference record adroitly.
4, familiar manpower resource the administrative technological process of each module.
5, have stronger harmonious communication capability.
Working duty:
1, assistance leads concern of department of function of processing government organization and interior management.
2, deal with concerned project to sign up for batch of formalities, send and receive, administrative document, archives, contract.
3, familiar enterprise reachs relevant policy with work flow, make company staff manual and interior management.
Pay reachs welfare:
1, probation 1-3 month, once employ signs labor contract, pay hardware reachs accumulation fund.
2, the company offers free lunch.
3, nonlocal personnel offers accommodation or housing allowance
4, Suzhou living personnel is offerred go offspringing hill commutes freely regular bus
Contact: &Nbsp; king accountant Email: &Nbsp;
Contact a phone: &Nbsp;0512-57980726 Fax number: &Nbsp;
Intranet location: &Nbsp; Zip code: &Nbsp;
Communication address: &City of hill of Nbsp; elder brother cling to town lake wells balanced east road

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