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Sell assistant
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Position name: Sell assistant Number of invite applications for a job: 2
Requirement major: Do not be restricted Want attend school all previous: Do not be restricted
Requirement sexual distinction: Female Workplace: Jiangsu saves Suzhou city
Age floor level: 18 years old of above Age upper limit: Do not be restricted
Position explains etc asks:
Working duty and continuance
1: Of responsible user information arrange, appraisal; Evaluate the maneuverability of the user
2: The processing that help sale undertakes day-to-day business affairs works (fax, mail)
3: If working capability is stronger, and after through company major knowledge, user manages the skill such as ability to assess, can turn to be sold for area (company also apt is arranged so)

Basic pay
1: Probation a month, inside probation 1200 yuan (offer lunch)
2: After probation, salary of new check and ratify, sign labor contract, pay 5 gold
3: If the work is full a year (must full 1 year) , the end of the year offers 2—8 of the month end of the year bonus

Specific requirement is as follows
1: Have certain communication competence (or the phone communicates ability)
2: Have particular literal strength (the character conveys ability)
3: Work active and serious, responsible, active, hopeful treatment the job of “ as dry as a chip ”
4: Be restricted only female, record of formal schooling is not restricted, age 20—34 year old between, have basic understanding to computer knowledge (the person that be familiar with is preferential)

Working hours, place
1: Zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu 9:00—17:30, midday 12:00—13:00 for lunch and breathing space (remarks: Sell 6 days of duty)
2: 10 entire markets of Suzhou city and mouth of phoenix street across
3: Holiday rests normally, without work overtime, do not have basically be away on official business

If my company is intended, will be in the mail that receives you 7---Interview is arranged inside 14 days!

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