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Personnel of urban deliver goods
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Position name: Personnel of urban deliver goods Number of invite applications for a job: 2
Requirement major: Do not be restricted Want attend school all previous: Do not be restricted
Requirement sexual distinction: Male Workplace: Jiangsu saves Suzhou city
Age floor level: 18 years old of above Age upper limit: Do not be restricted
Position explains etc asks:

One:  respects  Wu Man
1: Probation a month, base pay 1200 yuan
2: After probation, salary of new check and ratify, sign labor contract, pay 5 gold
3: If the work is full a year (must full 1 year) , the end of the year offers 2 months end of the year bonus
4: Offer free lunch

2: Man of Jian of  of to instruct Qun
1: The male, 35–45 years old between, the job is serious and responsible
2: Healthy, without experience of a serious illness, without domestic heredity disease (must)
3: Chinese changes above first
4: Suzhou census register (must) and have storage battery car

3: Working duty
1: Everyday from the company to urban user (basically be black magpie bridge the user around) deliver goods
2: Content of every inferior goods does not exceed 1 kilogram and volume is very minor (electronic fittings)
3: The company's other a few sundry duties

4: Working hours, place
1: Zhou Yi comes Saturday 9:00—17:30, midday 12:00—13:00 for lunch and breathing space
2: Working hours is 9:0 Saturday0–16:30 (or 16: 00)
3: 10 entire markets of Suzhou city and mouth of phoenix street across
4: Holiday rests normally (National Day 7 days, the Spring Festival 10 - 15 days)

If my company is intended, interview will be arranged inside 7 days!
Contact: &Nbsp; Shenyang gentleman Email: &Nbsp;
Contact a phone: &Nbsp;0512 - 87679999—2801 Fax number: &Nbsp;

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