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Leave the country plan attune
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Position name: Leave the country plan attune Number of invite applications for a job: 2
Requirement major: Travel management Want attend school all previous: Three-year institution of higher learning
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted Workplace: Jiangsu saves Suzhou city
Age floor level: 18 years old of above Age upper limit: Do not be restricted
Position explains etc asks:
Have leave the country the relevant work experience that business operates, can ripe drill makes each circuitry, know computer, record of formal schooling of above of travel major three-year institution of higher learning.
Contact: &Nbsp; Email: &Nbsp;
Contact a phone: &Nbsp; Fax number: &Nbsp;
Intranet location: &Nbsp; Zip code: &Nbsp;215002
Communication address: &Nbsp; Suzhou city east ave 488

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