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Talent resource is shared, the city develops w
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6Month26Day, Innovation Suzhou, poineering heaven” --Poineering talent of Suzhou city innovation (Xi'an) collaboration negotiates can hold in big public house of new world of Xi'an ancient capital, bilateral government, enterprise, school and delegate of talent intermediary orgnaization are made an appointment with150The person attended to negotiate this meeting. Wang Liping of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of Suzhou municipal Party committee, organization attends the meeting and make important speech, policy of talent of Suzhou of introduction of special subject of Ji Shunjun of director of bureau of Suzhou human affairs and this second negotiate meeting demand information, two ground signed cooperative agreement technically still with respect to matters concerned of talent intermediary collaboration, from now on the aureate bridge that the urban form of a Chinese character that Xi'an and Suzhou are having deep friendship twice removed a talent to communicate communication.

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