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The vanward type action of outstanding Party member is unapproachable, differ in professional condition below not big case, we are absolutely and preferential the consideration inducts a Party member to enter an enterprise. Yesterday, hold water to commemorate a Chinese Communist87Anniversary, Invite applications for a job of special performance of obtain employment of Suzhou city Party member is metReachParty member volunteer serves a team to serve dayIn city qualified personnel big market is held. 600Many position are drawn2000The person is applied for, build a platform of a communication again between Party member and enterprise.

Cao Fengying is graduated from Anhui agriculture college, it is a preliminary Party member. In the spot although she was not found as professional as oneself very the position of be identical, but still be in company of engineering of Teng Fagang construction overhand the resume of position of the member that apply for sale. Young lady of contented of manager of department of resource of company labor power tells a reporter, as,Enterprise of domestic civilian battalion, their Party branch already held water3Many years;The fact proves vanward type effect of the Party member is very apparent, body can be hard-working now, the moment of truth can support to go up.

Outstanding construction project manages Suzhou limited company is the civilian battalion company that the home is engaged in project invite public bidding technically evaluating, in the general manager assistant of spot invite applications for a job Wang Jinlong tells a reporter, although company staff is not returned
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