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Period " groom recruit students supermarket "
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Recently, teach association to be held jointly by run by the local people of city of market of Suzhou city qualified personnel, Suzhou head period “ grooms ” of recruit students supermarket is held as scheduled, head period of the recruit students that enter city groom the unit is mutual34The home, reach basically among them groom of intent have38Renown, sign on the spot groom of the agreement have15Renown, obtained initial effect.

Hold “ to groom the purpose of ” of recruit students supermarket aims to build an information to communicate namely, resource is shared, the platform that communicates collaboration, hope can better market of qualified personnel of city of Suzhou of have the aid of a such big resource platform, all schools that are Suzhou city and long triangle area and groom the orgnaization offers more active services and help. Henceforth, groom recruit students supermarket also will face market current situation actively, seasonable basis market rule, seek more efficient executive way, strive for enlarge propagandist face, rise groom of the supermarket run the effect actually.

The 2nd period groom supermarket general at9Month19
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