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Service center of market of Suzhou city qualif
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Yesterday, prevent intellectual understanding and understanding to strengthen employee offset, enhance fire control consciousness, organization of service center of market of Suzhou city qualified personnel began fire control drilling, drilling reflected “ precaution to give priority to, prevent disappear to combine the fire control guiding principle of ” , to employee people engrafted group prevent, group treated fire control consciousness, extensive staff is taken an active part in.

The activity is groomed by safety of hold fire control the introduction of the relevant knowledge that the fire control administrator of certificate of approval undertook powder fire extinguisher and operation of put out a fire set an example, organize employee to undertake drilling, everybody learns seriously, take an active part in, the activity received better effect. Employee expresses, if encounter,fire will have confidence to be answered leisurely more henceforth.

Additional, fire control administrator returned the relevant knowledge of pair of fire hose and fireplug to undertake introductory, the operation that undertook water takes laid sets an example. It is reported, near future center still will undertake fire control safety scattered maneuver.

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