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Suzhous first campus recruitment channel
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After the on-line job information, job search resume flying like snowflakes total, to hire graduates of satisfaction, like a needle in a haystack is difficult, often invalid, false information, waste a lot of time and effort. "Yesterday, the city's personnel manager of a joint venture in Suzhou Sun Talent Network Login" campus recruitment channel ", select" college graduates recommended "section, and then enter the password provided by management, to enter a vocational technical colleges, professional and post counterparts More than 10 graduate information will appear in the dialog, "all of a sudden will narrow the selection to a school, a professional, or even a class, do not be too easy!" reporters yesterday confirmed human resources service center from the city, Suzhou Talent Network Latest on the line "campus recruitment channel" for graduates and employers online access to a "private recruitment single room," "one to one" for efficient negotiations, this first of its kind in the country.

College education, competent management, graduates of technical positions, Suzhou annual demand currently 8-12 million. Yesterday, Sun Wei, director of Talent Service Center said in an interview this year, local household registration in Suzhou for the 49,323 college graduates, a slight increase over last year (attending college in the city in the Soviet Union accounted for 10% of college graduates), of which back to work largely accounted for 七成 Suzhou. "Regardless of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, or the development of new industries, are urgently needed in the employing unit, and college graduates between the three parties to build a fast, smooth platform."

Log in Suzhou talent network "campus recruitment channel", the reporter saw that the channel has a "recruitment needs of employers," "college graduate students recommended", "college graduates recommended" three columns. City guide college graduates demonstrate side edge Liu Weiguo, director told reporters, university graduate students responsible for recommending information, including the number of graduates, major, graduation time. At the same time, graduates can apply to be registered as individual members, in obtaining a registration number, through the school certification, you can "join" to the recommended list. He said, then, the employer may choose target universities, professional or graduating class, "one to one" recruitment and channel management side will be based on the different needs of employers to help their "lock" the target, "need to pay attention that once was 'directed locked' demand and supply sides will set the password to get online to get a 'private recruitment single room', a very efficient way to negotiate. " Reporter noted, need to decrypt the content including contacts, phone, fax, email and so on.

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