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SASAC to increase business building services personnel strength
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The first comprehensive research, development of qualified personnel for service companies seeking ideas. By holding seminars to the corporate scene to understand, issuing questionnaires and other forms of enterprises directly under the qualified personnel to conduct a comprehensive research enterprise directly under the initial find out personnel training, the introduction of the current situation and the demand for talent, as well enterprises to introduce high-level personnel service, laid the foundation. Second, carefully planned, carefully organized top-notch talent initial evaluation work. Carefully developed the Management of State-owned enterprise top-notch talent preliminary work program, review the rules and judging criteria, after receiving the application materials, materials and expert initial evaluation procedures such as trial, 11 successfully completed in mid-management preliminary examination of professional top-notch talent. Third, publicity, actively implement the Plan for Development of Talent. Full use of the SAC website platform, and vigorously promote "long-term talent Qingdao Development Plan (2010-2020)" the spirit and enterprise in the building experience personnel practices. Relevant information were compiled and distributed nearly 20 kinds, create a better learning planning framework to strengthen human resources building a strong atmosphere, built between enterprises from each other and exchange platform. Both Plan and in combination with the city human resources work in the enterprise state-owned enterprises "to the way, structural adjustment" problems at work, the drafting of qualified personnel SASAC Enterprises draft second Five-Year Plan. Fourth, focus on services to help companies do a good job and Cooperation. Needed by the city to introduce high-level personnel requirements, organization of large enterprises directly under the city submitted to the introduction of talent to plan, organize complete enterprise directly under the "2007 cases since the introduction of overseas talent" investigation, the initial introduction of overseas talent to find out the the number of professional, education, nationality and other basic information. In addition, under the Leading Group Office of Talent requirements, organization of large enterprises to seriously sum up the units and typical characteristics of the human resources work, in preparation for meetings of the city's human resources work related communication materials.
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