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Standard of officeholder employ check-up undertakes limitative to appearance no
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China is carried out formally at rising on January 19 " general standard of officeholder employ check-up (try out) " . Tentative standard cancelled to be opposite enter oneself for an examination the limitation of the appearance respect such as personnel height, weight, did not make restricted regulation to deformity, the person that cause of disease of liver of particularly clear still second is carried is eligible in check-up standard.

The reporter understands on the press conference that from human affairs ministry, Ministry of Public Health 20 days of combination is in Beijing hold, new the tentative standard that come on stage in all 21, cover the specific provision of the respect check-up such as internal medicine, surgical, ophthalmic, otolaryngology. According to human affairs ministry concerned controller expresses, tentative standard reflected the development of the progress of science and technology and medicine, mature Chinese national condition, the certain regulation that is aimed at standard of employ of officeholder of a few places is unscientific and the issue with masses strong report, made a lot of weighing be improved greatly.

The 7th regulation in “ standard ” , “ all sorts of urgent chronic hepatitis, unqualified. The person that second liver cause of disease is carried, eliminate second liver via the examination, eligible. ”“ standard ” returns a regulation, to disobeying neglect one's duty of fraud of check-up operating rules, practise fraud, practise favouritism, dereliction of duty, cause the staff member of undesirable consequence, give punish according to the regulation.

To having interrogative check-up result, examinee and unit of choose and employ persons all can ask to reinspect.

Ministry of Public Health expresses about chief, the general standard of try out applies to the employ check-up job of general position officeholder, it is standard of a lowest, what each district, departmental door can combine door of our region, cadre is actual, consult carry out. Have the check-up project of special requirement position and standard to body condition, must be in charge of mechanism to each district sets actually separately or be approved jointly with basis of local wholesome service by employ.

Since system of officeholder examination take sb on the staff was built 1994, branch of human affairs of Chinese each district is made generally jointly with wholesome service allotted officeholder check-up method and standard. But the development as medical science, people is deepened ceaselessly to what the disease knows, the check-up standard with original each district appears opposite lag, emerge as the times require of a whole nation's unified standard of officeholder employ check-up.

Introduce according to human affairs ministry, good to make standard, concerned branch development is real, thorough basic level, hold argumentation more than times 10 to meet, listen to the opinion of unit of medical expert, law expert, choose and employ persons extensively. Ask for an opinion publicly twice to the society on the net early or late, receive effective email in all many 5300, and according to these opinions, did to tentative standard revise accordingly.
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