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Yearly salary makes a person Jing---Which estate do you belong to?
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Painstaking ability changes money

Du Yang (personnel of finance affairs of foreign capital company)

After the university graduates, I entered a state-owend enterprise, take an examination of later into the foreign enterprise. This job is especially nervous now, I forget on bubble one cup of tea to look again meeting newspaper is what flavor. Actually, crucial question still is not the full load during the job and excess load, after working however charge. The biggest gains that works in the foreign enterprise feels not to learn to be able to be washed out namely, those knowledge in the university are used quite far from.

The friend says my present income pretty is pretty good, really, my present salary is several times of the past, can say, go up at ordinary times bazaar supermarket of what, basically OK follow one's inclinations shop, but income and pay become direct ratio absolutely, painstaking ability changes money. On this kind of painstaking not only body, also have mentally, like rectifying an individual to follow a machine, although study is to charge, but in the final analysis still is for the job, to earn money.

The spot talks (assistant manager of department of some hotel guest room) so, I think my income is OK, return at ordinary times true a little be pleased with oneself, but after this kind of good sense was recieving tourist of a batch of Hong Kong however, disappeared. Having a guest among them do restaurant, and also be assistant manager of guest room department. In prattle, the yearly salary price that he speaks makes me astonied.

The man should choose good industry

Zhang Ping (some is large state-owend enterprise assistant manager of 2 form company)

Common saying says “ male be afraid of wrong travel ” , implication is to once do complex industry,point to not only be put into trouble still does not earn money. Come a few this years, I am too deep to the experience of this word, be in between industry and industry obtaining can not compare a gender on pay. Someone says state-owend enterprise income is low, that should see what state-owend enterprise, some state-owend enterprise income are first-rate.

I learn the computer, college graduate entered computer company, the computer service center that moves brand of a foreign country again later is in charge of maintaining the job, lunar income is controlled 1000 pieces 5. Apparently I hold out scene, income is not low, but I return the psychogenic disorder that this kind of contrast bears to bring in the home. The sort of small one-storey house of Beijing alley, hei Youchao, warming oneself in the winter still is beehive coal furnace, most let a person be mixed at odds no matter blow,what bear hard is rain, also must go up comfort station. I want to hire a condition to compare good building outside all the time, but so tall month is hired do not be willing to go to again piece take. Buy a room, do not be willing to become a young worker to the bank more, and, borrow money even if be in debt, let do not be free from anxiety in popular feeling.
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