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Fujian starts obtain employment of graduate of 8 years of colleges to serve mont
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Came 30 days on September 11, the Fujian Province will be begun college graduate obtain employment served month of special activity 2008, service object basically includes to enjoy aid the graduate of this year's college that learns loan, the service expires this year first " 3 are helped up " the college is graduate, unemployed a year of above and the college graduate of domestic difficulty.

Before this, the Fujian Province allots announcement regulation, the service expires assess qualification " 3 are helped up " the college is graduate, enter oneself for an examination inside 3 years graduate student of Master of provincial and average college, first try total cent adds 10 minutes, recruit students unit falls in coequal condition preferential admit. Enter oneself for an examination of the institution, divide outside enjoying the pay that add cent, arrangement partial institution post is faced technically attend a province " 3 are helped up " plan service expires the college graduate that assesses qualification admits by examination publicly. Expire to assess qualification and be willing to continue to leave what serving an unit to the service, when adding a staff member newly inside service unit staff, can avoid unite at attending admit by examination, by the place the unit signs up for a county directly (city, area) personnel of conduction institution of human affairs branch recruits formalities.

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