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The duty field individual character that desk refracts you (go up)
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The basis is newest about major of duty field person the investigation of figure and efficiency shows one when release, annual every American can cost time of 6 weeks, concerned data is searched in the confused working environment, file that puts in disorder, and such waste was not necessary completely.

And go up in daily post field, because desk is messy and cannot find a file, such thing also common occurance. The desk that a lot of people ignore, actually very real ground mirrorred your professional figure before others. The guidance of “ our company is special be fed up with the employee with messy desk, once the leader asks everybody stays to clear the table, stay the person of to clear the table still sent overtime. ” is in Hangzhou the Miss Yu say that company of a famous software works. To this problem, liu Jun of general manager of branch of some net Zhejiang roc think to should differ according to post, part look upon, “ is in the so much company of my place contact, be opposite without the company almost of desk decorate, neat make special provision. Of course, not be to say to be versed in the person of a chaos works ability, efficiency is low. Some are versed in a chaos, because,the likelihood is by chance she (he) duty factor is busier. E.g. our company interior, the salesperson of desk chaos is outstanding achievement is better unluckily. Of course, to the job such as financial department, secretary, desk is sure to ask neat, because of these working interior the file is compared note is much, much also, if desk chaos can affect work efficiency certainly. ” Duty field expert sees desk: Desk chaos mirrors staff job mood Your boss is the desk with messy allergy, want because of the person different. Nevertheless, be in area of Hong Kong and Taiwan and abroad, desk should reflect professional figure and individual efficiency is the infallible law that duty field person pursues already. Desk is mixed and disorderly, mirrorred the habits and customs of your individual and individual character on one hand, mirrorred your professional figure possibly also on the other hand. You had thought, your employer is potential because see your desk is random,resemble rubbish dump, and buckle cent to your working ability. Advisory Zhang Ping says the profession: The decoration on the desk of “ company staff can mirror ability of the company culture of an enterprise and staff job and condition normally. Logistic thinking capability is strong, have stronger global view, systimatic, requirement efficiency furnishs content on the desk of this kind of employee less. Although this kind of employee has a decoration, just also furnish a few with the office things with close together and relevant job and file archives, and normally these are put very systimatic. And decoration of the sort of relatively perceptual personnel top of a table appears individuation a few, still have a few individual articles for daily use even, family member photograph. ”Zhang Ping says, anyhow desk is the place of office, doing not have controller to hope to see his is farfetched on the desktop of employee, because of these not only the figure that can destroy a company, and can produce strong allusive action to company staff and oneself, make the person produces be agitated, uneasy mood easily, bring about working satisfaction feeling and work efficiency to drop.   
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