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The duty field individual character that desk refracts you (below)
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B, desultorily desk The first impression that this kind of desk gives a person is bustling, the host that through desk we can imagine it is in certainly get tired of deal with. Face the host of such tables, our regular meeting says: “ Bie Taixin was sufferred from, much attention rests! ”The advantage in duty field individual character should know such host also is not be without a single redeeming feature. They may be very agile with what open, still can appear sometimes very be good at oral expression and plan project of a few short-term, especially to handling crisis incident, they may appear have very much. The one cardinal principle that going after freedom and pursuit to act actually is their individual character shows. An ending with the bustling scotoma in duty field individual character often suffers namely tired at “ Xiaoma irritated ” , and need to clear as a result of a lot of things main threads of an affair, work sometimes so can appear hesitant not definitely, this kind of person can give a person a kind of “ sometimes enjoy creed, the undesirable impression of seasonable picnicky ” . Proposal: Before wanting an eye to staring at an eye only, want to have long-term goal, the society is together short-term profit and extended benefit band. C, mixed and disorderly orderly however desk On this kind of desk although the thing is very much, but drag in arrives the file of working respect is mysterious however the ground is orderly. All sorts of documentation classify, arrange very reasonable and have logic. Face the host of such tables, our regular meeting says: You fasten “ the demand is too high. ”The advantage   in duty field individual character is this subhuman to outstanding pursuit the biggest characteristic, they often can see the defect of oneself or others exquisitely, be eager to pointing out correct. Their appreciation is capable person, but can challenge authority again and always receiving taller challenge. The scotoma in duty field individual character is in the process of ceaseless enterprising, because you are too outstanding, people comes into being distance feeling easily to you. Enthusiasm of your this kind of job is harming the people all round accidentally, although they regard you as target and God, but however not dare too close. Proposal: Avoid an eye to staring at the strategy and overall situation only, a few more good-tempered to others to oneself, communicate actively more with the person all round, let the person all round understand you and you to arouse working enthusiasm together. The D, desk that is permeated with individual character The thing that can represent your individual character was full of on the table: The photograph that is like you, decoration that can represent your grade, work that is oneself even. This piece of table is you individual character is outspread, it is the prop that your individual character is able to show. All everything makes clear, this is your table, be not Zhang San definitely or of Li Si. They value the advantage in duty field individual character to get along well with the person, get of everybody love and be being shown is a cordial idealist. They won't be cared about obtained how many actual profit, but meeting very care about oneself how old got favor on degree, for this, they always are behaved so that be full of enthusiasm and vigor. Of the be mingled with in the scotoma enthusiasm in duty field individual character sensitive often make they are harmed needlessly. Once enthusiastic flinch, they also are met “ cold ” is gotten very fast, and lost motivation quickly. Proposal: Trying always is not the processing that the mood changes a lot of general affairs, the society gives out in this criticism gives out in time when criticizing.
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