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Whole strategy of politics of office of duty field new personality
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In contemporary company, the human concern issue between enterprise practitioner lets personage of spacious office field and enterprise handler “ suffer torment ” . No matter be to cooperate with division of labour, still be position preferment, or interest allocates; No matter because the “ of certain person is subjective,its jumping-off place is how chasteness, just metropolis element ” and become complicated and confusing, worry. As these “ of subjective element ” spread gradually, originally simple colleague relation, fluctuation class relation becomes complex rise: A ten the individual's offices, what can a few differ is factional, can have more by these factional cause about a hundred when come out worry topic. Be used to this kind maintaining one's composure, billows not the duty field old hand of Jing, the office the analogy becomes battlefield, here, undertaking a field does not have the argue of war flames of war everyday, no matter you are tired, wish to not be willing to want ” of all corners of the country of “ of your place oneself only, with respect to ” of “ cannot help doing sth.

In recent years, investigator of resource of a few manpower plants this the ” of “ office problem of complex numerous and complicated, play calls ” of “ office politics. “ politics ” can not be a trifling matter that can take josh casually. Sheet is analysed from the word, these literal lover are apparent a bit jumpy. But the original meaning that thinks “ politics ” , we can't help striking the table and shout bravo again. The political textbook that remembers a middle school tells us: Politics is to build what go up in economic base is ideological. Go looking from this angle, say ” of “ office problem is ” of “ office politics to do not have a fault not only, and keen. Want, “ office goes to factional problem, interest issue greatly in problem ” , small to position change, peachy red is heard etc, is that to point to ” of interest of economy of ” of “ individual interest, “ continuously euqally? The ancients says: “ person is oneself, ” of stand condemned by God. Be clear about the original intention of the person of production office problem, with the suffering of the person of politics of office of be involved in, you no longer big Jing, more won't small strange. Sa tells us especially: Existence is reasonable! Since, ” of this “ politics is by the rich soil of “ economy ” skill helps advance somebody's career rise, the person that our practitioner and manager still do office politics to like why and rusty, where is for the enterprise of existence office politics despair? Animal bound has its zoology catenary, doesn't business circles also have ” of catenary of its “ zoology? We like the zoology environment with a quiet peaceful admittedly, we accept the zoology environment with combative pick of season of contest of a content likewise. Intense to body part competition is exterior for contemporary company of the environment, the absolutely calm of enterprise interior, stability already was a kind of excessive is begged. Appear when enterprise interior a flock of having when the different sound, talent that has distinct benefit pursuit, do not mean this enterprise to play “ ” certainly. Contrary, in-house qualified personnel has a bit competition, a bit is make each other excuse, come to a small “ office political ” , lentic to original “ for the enterprise of one pool ” , is why one post the agent that urge affection?
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