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5 petty action, drive away Office exhaustion
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Helix is turned round

double leg unbend, right leg has crossed left leg at the same time, maintain right leg unbend; The upper part of the body is turned round maintain the ground to the right hand, right knee of press close to of left hand elbow, at this moment the muscle that you can feel the waist undertakes pull out is pulled turninging round type. This movement can help you cast off the worry of lumbar acerbity backache. Suggest every side holds to 10 seconds, repeat 3 times. Butterfly extend Sitting position, bipod is opposite together, both hands handholding toe, let the upper part of the body lean forth slowly, begin to bend from hip, the following that use ancon presses double leg, pull out pulls ham inside muscle. This movement can alleviate adequately leg ministry ache, exercise muscle. The proposal holds to 8 seconds, repeat 2 times. Lying pull a leg After lie low pose prepares, raise double leg, both hands holds knee opposite in arms; The arm sends force, feel the whole body is carried up; Till leg ministry ligament sufficient pull out is pulled to the largest position till. This movement is OK we often do not participate in extend ham ligament of motion, the proposal holds to 10 seconds, repeat 4 times. Humeral ministry pull out is pulled Pose of body Cheng Zhengli stands still, with a hand from outside, hind side captures pair of side arm elbow, pull pair of side to the arm that be caught, next ministry of shoulder of drawing other a side. This movement can alleviate the acerbity keenly feel of deltoid and triceps, also can improve cervical muscle insecurity condition, the proposal holds to 10 seconds, repeat 3 times. Bosom drawing Reach the upper arm and fixed dot with the hand for instance the sufficient contact such as doorcase, maintain ancon and shoulder to be on same horizontal, the extent of forward drawing body does not pass big, bosom is sufficient and taut, it is advisable to do not have unusual pulling force with humeral ministry. This movement can let bosom muscle pull out leave, eliminate bosom muscle lactic acid quickly. The proposal holds to 12 seconds, repeat 3 times.
Still these take off exhausted recipe Drink drink milk, eat eat VC Milk is one of best decompression agents, a lot of dietetics homes regard milk as decompression the agent, it can adjust endocrine, balance mood, flabby nerve. The milk that contains calcic, magnesian, zinc stabilizes a mood, calcium is natural neurological stabilizing agent, in be planted by some when pressure, the calcium outside passing pee eduction body can increase. Accordingly, every encounters not satisfactory thing, bad-tempered when, contain the milk with tall calcium to have the effect of stable mood. In addition, the zinc in milk is the important and auxiliary factor that synthesizes protein and nucleic acid, also with maintain blood sugar to be concerned evenly, blood sugar is too low affect work efficiency to also affect a mood already. Vitamin C has the effect that balances psychological pressure likewise. The person is in bear when great psychological pressure, the body can be used up than at ordinary times the many vitamin C of 8 times. So, answer to absorb the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C more right now.
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