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Female profession circumstance makes angry tripartite law
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Reduce language of sound, rein in fast can alleviate the mood is actuation, and bosom is forward and erect, with respect to the atmosphere with meeting desalt nervous impulse, because the humanness rage, person with intense dialect is of pectoral pitch normally, when body pitch, can make oneself face is close to the other side, able person of attitude of this kind of speech causes tight situation for the ground. Shut a mouth to listen attentively to Jin Sen of handkerchief of the politician with famous England, historian and the management with famous England learn a Lasituomuji, speak of in the one book of write in collaboration with: If “ produced brawl, be sure to keep in mind to avoid honour mouth. Listen to others first, let others say the word, should accomplish as far as possible modest and cordial, reasonable. Rely on brawl to win popular feeling hard absolutely, the method of get effect instantly is each other lay one's heart bare. ”The characteristic that indignant mood produces depends on brief, after ” of “ gas head passes, contradict to be solved relatively easily. The idea when others you cannot agree without giving serious thought, and when feeling oneself persuade the other side very hard again temporarily, shut a mouth to listen attentively to, can make the other side realizes, obedient person is interested in his viewpoint, the “ that pinned oneself not only so enrages head ” , be helpful for weakening the “ with escape the other side to enrage head ” at the same time. Commutative part Carnegie - the business of Mei Lun university teachs Robert - triumphant benefit, in California city some computer company encounters a programmer and his boss to produce conflict with respect to the value issue of certain software, the footing that triumphant benefit suggests they stand in the other side each other will argue, result after 5 minutes, double convenient recognize how each other expression is funny, everybody laughed, found out the method that solve very quickly. In Cheng been communicate with the person in the person, psychological element is removing main effect, people thinks he is right, the opinion that the other side must accept him just goes. If both sides is when opinion communication, can exchange a part and be considerate ground thinks, can avoid both sides to burst into fury. Rational sublimate Teleplay " stepmother " in, see when young stepmother the child is intended embarrass with her and when the mischief, temporarily furious bear hard, fall broke glass. But the evil consequence that she realizes farther conflict immediately, thought of the responsibility that becomes mom and due reason, eliminated anger like that suddenly, sweep vitreous broken bits piece apologize actively to the child, reconciled to concern. When conflict happening, a consequence estimates in the heart, think oneself responsibility, oneself sublimate has to sensible, open-minded the person of bearing, with respect to the mood that can control oneself certainly, alleviate the atmosphere of insecurity
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