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Hit the evil eyesight of the office
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Believe each PLMM hope others boast she bright eye be apt to looks at. It is regrettablly in OFFICE, the double look that “ has divine ” brightly is rarer and rarer however, once moving shears Shui Shuangtong, be shown by computer screen is tormented dimly without light. No matter daub is much thick eyelash creams, draw again how the eye shadow of rich and gaudy also of no help, because your eye had lost health.

More serious is: Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks “ is tired enter ” from the eye. Dr. Wang Hongcai puts forward Yang Wei of doctor of director of Beijing colleague hospital and academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science: Eye ache slightly, tired wait for uncomfortable symptom, it is almost all long the state that the office worker that “ stares at ” computer often encounters, they feel dry, eyesight is eye ache, feel distended, ambiguous constantly, still can appear at the same time have a headache, attention is not centered, the mood is fretful, ponder over ability tired and slow, faint and insomnia, disgusting, be about to spit wait for a series of whole bodies fatigue symptom, this is the action that ” of “ exhaustion toxin produces inside human body. Inspect exhaustion to produce ” of “ fatigue toxin the most easily, the of 90% outside information that receives because of us comes from an eye, information explosion makes eye excess load works. The ” of “ fatigue toxin that inspects fatigue generation makes the body produces “ tired ” finally. Accordingly, the eye is the birthplace of systemic exhaustion. When you feel the eye begins exhaustion, the risk with systemic bigger even exhaustion is being approached to your health. The energy spirit of “ the vital organs of the human body all is noted at eye, blood of gas of 12 passages through which vital energy circulates all gathers together at eye, of the eye tired because liver kidney is deficient,be, taste is frail, angry hematic Yu sluggish, work with one's mind or brains overtaxes his nerves what cause. ”Solve tired should look for dot of accurate “ eye ” . The eye serves as the fountainhead that is invaded the most easily by exhaustion, to the action of early-warning arriving since the occurrence of fatigue symptom all over. Protect eyesight, antagonism body and mind is fatigue, it is the professional obligatory course of office white-collar absolutely! Do you notice your computer bearinged? A lot of people pay attention to newest, newest money with computer, the style of desk and chair also exceeds fastidious, but his computer bearings,owe beautiful however. The expert points out: Correct computer bearing is very important to protecting health. Use OK adjustment please the chair of on any account. The due and enough space when sitting is extended put double foot, do not want alternate double foot, lest affect blood,circulate. Back has prop up completely, knee curves 90 degrees about, maintain sitting position to extend. position of computer screen center installation is in as same as handlers bosom horizontal on, adjust screen smoother than the eye inspect low 10~20 centimeter, can reduce the opportunity that carries on eyelid. The distance of eye and screen should be in 40 ~ 50 centimeters, the body does not lean too nearly with the table, elbow maintains nature to bend. Eye lull moment often should be closed in unit process of cargo bandling, in order to adjust eyestrain. Knock clavier does not want to exert oneself to do sth. overly, muscle is loosened as far as possible.
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