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How to search " lose " working enthusiasm (on)
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Believe a lot of white-collar personages, in the beginning of just crossing duty field, not only enthusiasm dye-in-the-wood, passion is rising, and also express “ great expectations ” to the ego expectation value of his professional future; But time of half an year does not arrive, perhaps can feel oneself simply like the robot, was to go up everyday the class can come off work earlier with respect to the hope, there also was not former passion. What appear in every time job is not satisfactory, encourage him ” to change a working environment with respect to meeting “ , however of every time find new job result, can make oneself mood appears low. The working enthusiasm that upsurges enthusiasticly after all does “ run went in ” ? That passion when wanting to search to work at the outset flies upwards oneself? You need to do, think method helps him look for working enthusiasm namely!
Seek advice from psychology get assistance Xiaochen is the SOHO gens that people envies, do not go to work to the unit everyday, use network and computer to be able to undertake profitable workinged in him home only. Because see,wanting is at the outset busy in the unit terribly defeated, small Chen Cai chose to go to work in him home; In the period of time that just began to go to work in the home, xiaochen feels he is very happy, think not only can footloose, and need not see the boss' complexion again and act. But these days, xiaochen feels he had lost the joy that once had apparently, everyday when knead dough of clavier of knock of intellectual machinery ground shows screen to what twinkle, the new move that once had had and cozy feeling also are lost gradually, those who replace is fretted however, the mood that anguish hates even, always feeling him cent is not clear momently is vivid be being returned in fictitious society is in actual life; So why occurrence biological clock of small Chen Hui does the phenomenon such as be agitated of abnormal, mood produce disorder, period? Actually Xiaochen appears such symptom, basically have very big concern with the life condition that goes to work in the home. Although his time going to work is very free, face the narrow world that is without change in the home everyday nevertheless, machinery is done repeatedly same a thing, his mentally produces as dry as a chip, depression and nervous feeling easily. And lack a contact with the outside at ordinary times, especially lack and other face-to-face communicate, communication, the feeling of loneliness and painful and so on can appear constantly, time grew to produce this kind of irritating mood naturally. Those who accompanying obtain employment form is more and more austere, team of SOHO a group of things with common features still will expand ceaselessly, the actuating pressure of SOHO gens will be greater, all sorts of negative sentiments of the generation in the job may tall. Right now, SOHO gens should want to assure to have his certain circle, hard the friend that “ forces him ” to hand in certain amount, let oneself attend activity of a few relevant communication more conciously; Once appear the mood is low, encounter the body to appear when unwell symptom, should ground of as soon as possible is checked to the hospital, if because psychological problem is caused,discovery is, can seek psychology actively to seek advice and cooperate psychotherapy.
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