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How to search " lose " working enthusiasm (below)
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Go hard “ enjoys ” pressure “ white-collar ” once was people very yearning with advocating profession, nevertheless backside of “ white-collar ” is hardship and angst, many people have psychogenic disorder or depressed sex psychogenic disorder, investigate the psychological pressure that its reason is white-collar personage is overweight. Although worked a few years, to the job and society suit to be finished basically also, oneself got used to working requirement not only, also got used to working environment. But as the life and working rhythm accelerate, and of obtain employment form increasingly austere, it is a bit better to always feel whether oneself should be accomplished, feel oneself ability still can satisfy working requirement always perhaps? It is under too great actuating pressure, the be agitated that the person produces very easily and listless. Want to eliminate the pressure in the heart, the key should see his state of mind namely, how to treat this kind of pressure. A lot of duty field always are used to an office calling hell as the person of meaning, never had thought however, hell and heaven are a momentary slip only, and this is depending on oneself heart manner. The inactive method that many people use will treat pressure, say to bear for example, avoid, conceal, look for excuse to wait a moment, time grows, you can discover the exhaustion that the mood becomes ineffable. Inactive method did not increase your motivation, expended your energy in the depth of the heart instead. Perhaps working itself is not amuse oneself, if be in,can work tensely clearance, pass appropriately play the game, mood that does humour to loosen his, what whether felt decompression is relaxed? Some people like to live in pressure, the challenge is received in pressure, feel that is one kind satisfied, contented. But either have lucky gas every time, pressure became much can press oneself are suffocatively come, as time passes can damage health of his body and mind. Do happy white-collar, must learn state of mind to adjust. Develop instinctive quality of individual character make public Working pace is accelerated ceaselessly, also become bright and clinking between gain and loss, the change of the mood often lets him be done dazedly the head is dizzy, a bit intentional condition is adjusted undeserved, fall likely into the vicious circle of mood melancholy. When him job mood is bad, you can eliminate it through all sorts of methods, the fist that runs to room him external use to resent is on be deceived bag, go up in wall, wanton on sapling when hitting on a few fists, your mood can have become for certain. Can pour out oneself gain and loss and friend, it is especially when mind of bad mood advent, can do first do deep breathing, stretch oneself, go looking for an intimate to chat a little casually again, after chatting, your low mood is met imperceptible ground is eliminated quickly. Think the time with him good perhaps success more, those who recollect the past is brilliant and others praises to his, in can improving a heart depressed. Listen to the music that oneself like, also be to loosen oneself effective method, relaxed, lively composition always can take him to arrive happy native place, no matter the mood has many bad, want to listen to the melody that oneself like only, can experience divine Qing Dynasty to enrage bright immediately. Think method leaves temporarily the pressure in the job, relaxed and relaxed, facilitate oneself discover the fun of the life not only, also go all out of can good to be done again job.

Let environmental “ fresh ” hard New working environment can let him feel curiosity, excitement, fresh, what thing wants itch to try, after was familiar with working environment gradually nevertheless, these state of mind will leave him far gradually, of more experience is careful, mind not strange, program changes the ground to finish working job. Long-term beyond, working enthusiasm nature drops. For this, you can think method creates all sorts of “ for oneself unfamiliar ” environment, the state of mind that makes oneself curiosity, excitement, fresh exists forever, let oneself feel forever “ honest ” ; Besides working environment, you can go to what study of exterior open up charges all sorts of different environments, for his further progress “ charges cheer ” , say to attend an unit actively for example or of the society relevant groom, strive for hard professional personage is gotten acquainted with to wait in all sorts of circumstances. Reasonable allocate “ ego ” Be good at the person that arranges individual energy always feeling the life is relaxed, the job is happy. To achieve this kind of state, you should make good plan to all jobs, finish inside formulary time. After the job ends, should make full use of oneself leisure time, avoid by all means brings back the job the home to do. The progress to the individual should undertake “ mark ” regularly, so that make oneself clear, what had finished at present, what still works to was not finished; To doing not have finished task, the time that should have planned to finish, be in some paragraph of time, reasonable allocation oneself energy, make the job, study, life, recreation is accomplished as far as possible thereby more effective, and can well ego circulates, ego promotion.

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