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To apply for a job: How does the description leave his post reason
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"You whether describe you to leave previously the reason of unit of place hold post? " this kind of problem is asked about via regular meeting when interview, unit of invite applications for a job can obtain a lot of information about you from which. Accordingly, energy should be centered when answering this problem.

Picture " mess " block up play, way going to work is professional and too long, wrong mouth, marry, fall ill, off wait the element with understandable people a moment, come with according to the facts. But, some elements are mentioned will be about very discreet, for instance:

Human relation is complex. Spirit of group of contemporary industry stress, ask all members can have the ability that cooperates with others, you are right of human relation cowardly and evade, may be considered as psychological state not beautiful, in the mood that is in blue and fretted loneliness, hampered thereby your from orientaton of course of study.

Income is too low. Such answers can make the other side thinks you are pure for income orientaton, very dispute individual gain and loss, and meet " if have higher income, find new job none can hesitantly and go " this kind of idea forms the thinking to you calm situation.

Allocate inequity. System of pay of benefit pay, float is being executed in the enterprise now is very general, aim to stimulate a method to raise outstanding achievement and efficiency with material; In the meantime, a lot of units began the measure with employee confidential income. If you regard the excuse that leaves former unit as this when interview, criterion on one hand you will lose competitive advantage, on the other hand you can have the suspicion that loves income of the others that hit explore and even privacy.

Boss is amiss. Since be,exist in the society, have to mix sundry person contact with. If you are captious boss, explain you lack the adaptability on the job, so, imagine you are in very hard encounter a client or can go by likes and dislikes when as relative as the unit person thing.

Get substitution of pilot tone frequency. Working hours, you do your thing simply, leader layer changes the job with you should not concern directly mediumly. You are too sensitive to this, what also behaved you is immature with individual part ambiguous.

Competition is too intense. Rise as what commercialize degree, no matter be,still be in enterprise interior between the person of the same trade, competition is increasingly intense, need employee can fit dry below this kind of environment good own job.

Actuating pressure is too great. Contemporary company survives the state is fast rhythm, the job that all kinds of people in the enterprise all is in high strenth lives below condition, photograph of flat on the job announcement speak bluntly accuses some units, requirement applicant can finish the job below pressure, this is clearer and clearer trend.
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