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Constant management carries out guidance
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The 4 gist element of 1. excellent management:
Choose right person

Allocate right job for them

Maintain their enthusiasm

Help a group agglomeration rises and maintain the cohesive affinity of the group

The effect of 2. pressure:

Overwork negative effect: Fatigue, lose energy, wrong rate rises

Short-term pressure and even Yujiabanke can be useful strategy, because they can make employee centers energy, and let them feel labour

Made importance. But long-term pressure is a mistake for certain.

Manager this can bring to bear on so so much pressure, because they do not know what to should do,perhaps be, or because of other measure

Difficult and feel crestfallen.

Guess worstly: Using pressure and overwork real reason is to make everybody looks can a bit better when the project fails.

The manager with indignant 3. :

Managing medium anger and disgrace is communicable. If senior controller likes name-calling, elementary controller also can have appearance play the ape (

The elephant often is scolded so that the child becomes snappish parents very easily) .

In management be considered as a kind of stimulation abusively, can let employee raise efficiency. But, what person by abuse later still can do


If the manager uses abuse method to stimulate employee, this shows the incapacity of the manager, is not the incapacity of employee.

4. conflict

Want to there are many participators in beginning a process only, regular meeting has conflict to exist.

Found, in the business that installs a system special and easy occurrence conflict.

Great majority system develops a group to lack the ability that solves conflict.

Conflict ought to be caused take seriously, conflict is not the behavior that lack solves professional morality.

Ought to state ahead of schedule: Of everybody " win " it is to suffer those who take seriously. Ensure the person of every level can win.

Remember: We stand in same limit; Oppose with us, it is the problem that we should solve.

The infallible law that 5. spot manages:

When the problem (unusual) when happening, should go first the spot

Check the spot (concerned stock)

Adopt on the spot provisional deal with measure

Disentomb real reason and will eliminate

Standardization stops in case recurrent

6. carries out the basic principle that the spot improves:

Abandon traditional and fixed production thought

Think how to be done, is not why cannot do

Do not search excuse, from doubt active practice begins

Do not wait to search perfect, although only success of 50 minutes also wants to start work instantly,do

Correct a mistake instantly
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