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Suzhou city the 4th in short supply profession
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7Month20Day, market of Suzhou city qualified personnel held the 4th in short supply professional large communication negotiates meeting, mutual92Domestic unit was offerred2184Post, apply for a number to amount to6300Person.

According to count of mart of city qualified personnel, at present the in short supply major on the market basically includes meal of dress of adornment of unifinication of market sale, machinery, Electromechanical, electron and IT, business management, building, spin, travel, carriage content to flow, senior position is reached in the major such as Japanese, Han Yu in short supply and practical model. From that day the circumstance of invite applications for a job of the unit looks, demand is bigger for market sale, machining, electron, IT, the major such as adornment of business management of enterprise, building. The industry that place of this kind of professional demand distributings includes production to make, IT, decorate of estate, adornment.

Closely related the industrial structure of the in short supply major of Suzhou city and Suzhou city and demand of talent market supply and demand, This second invite applications for a job scale of supply and demand of meeting general market relatively the professional concentration of great disparity rises, The person that attracted numerous to apply for a job comes round, According to statistic of after the event of unit of invite applications for a job, the spot is overall reach intent rate to achieve 50% above, Exceeded daily and groovy integrated market.

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