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Be about to say to still rest, enterprise human nature changes administrative di
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Current, human nature changes management to be in administrative group is faddish temporarily, a lot of enterprises boast he are it is with the person this enterprise, and some enterprises will " it is with the person this " wrote strategy of company culture manual and company among the program. But in dynamic " it is with the person this " athletic backside, was our enterprise accomplished truly be with the person this?

However, what kind ofly to manage the human nature with real talent to change management after all? Is the management that human nature changes specific reflect in those respects? Face such query and doubt, most entrepreneur considers the left and right sides and character other.

What is meant by human nature to change management? Those who point to is element of sex of worker of a kind of member that notice adequately in process of whole business management, the potential that digs employee with sufficient hair is oneself, achieve the administrative pattern of optimal management effect thereby. On the specific content that changes management in human nature, can include a lot of element, be like the esteem to the person, sufficient corporeal drive and spirit are incentive, offer all sorts of growing to the person with development opportunity, those who pay attention to enterprise and individual is double win the strategy, the career of formulate employee plans to wait a moment. But this among them the administrator that the most important is an enterprise wants above all firm the concept that establishs a human nature to change management, make clear how to just can send the potential of disinter employee truly.

"Human nature changes management " it is a kind of when come out to evolve scientificly by contemporary travel new government idea, the research that reads aloud to this entirely also becomes human management to learn. As the advent of intellectual times, the person becomes more and more important as the main body of knowledge, wisdom, the immanent potential of reasonable development person already became the main task of modern management. Human nature changes management -- one kind studies with spreading out around characteristics of the person's life, job, make manage more human nature of press close to, achieve thereby reasonable, the working potential that promotes a person effectively and senior engineer make the administrative method of efficiency.

1961, when Lorentz of American aerography home is undertaking the numeric operation of long-range weather forecast, will initiative data is abandoned went a very small odd amount in addition to the round number, result discovery, moving result is in only in the begining a paragraph small very as small as primitive result deviation, later error is bigger and bigger, reached till finally completely contrary result. The reason nature that causes this one deviation was to alter a little initial value. Because this Lorentz maintains this group of equation to have high sensitivity to initiative value, the analogy of his figure is " butterfly effect " . Means says: The air current that incendiary wing place causes a butterfly disturbs may develop " tremendous storm " , also may eliminate the storm that should arise originally with aeriform in. An iota that true it may be said breaks, poor in. Lorentz proved a muddleheaded main feature actually.
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