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Chinese gymnastics mens team Shangqie hungry teenager outstanding performance
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Outstanding performance teams tender Than the boys quite well, this game we are replacing the old team, the team is indeed a test of this final. However, the competitive sports is to dare to win gold and, ultimately, such a highly competitive situation, team members wore such a great pressure, largely due to their level of play. Although the competition process will inevitably have some small mistakes, but all are within the normal range, and we are preparing for the London Olympics but will play a reference, let us more clearly what their own strengths and weaknesses. Our immediate team, unlike in the past Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Zou Kai, Xiao Qin their time, when all the top players on the various projects, compared with the younger players still somewhat immature. So in fact, take the gold medal today is not the most important and most critical is to hone them, and then to identify gaps to make good preparations in London Olympics. From this level, even if they did not win the championship this competition, we should encourage them, not to mention they played very well today, we wish to bring to get the ranking, which is commendable. China's thirst for all-round talent Many people are concerned about Yang Wei, we question the lack of all-round talent, indeed, this is one of the problems we face. We can see through this game the first time the world championships Dennis Lui is the most onerous task of the Chinese team members, he not only played in five individual and four of them served as the vanguard of the Chinese team play, which is being highlighted China's team is currently on the all-around talents. Now we compare the lack of Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng and a lot of items that players can, in the number of affected to some extent on the Almighty. Japanese men's team has always been our main rivals, the competition we have seen, they will match suspense remained to the last moment. And compared to two in 2006 and 2007 world championships and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Japanese team and the Chinese team has narrowed the gap. Although the Japanese team did not win the championship today, but they have a lot we can learn from, such as their horizontal bar, the difficulty and layout are very good that we should go to learn from. Preparing for the London Olympic Games, time is very tight, so we go back later, but also to sum up experience and lessons for the next training, continue to improve themselves, to fight for advantage maintained it.
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