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Nov. 6 opening of real estate professionals to recruit new coordinates
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"Low carbon" and "green" and a series of ideas shine at the Expo, the real estate business has also ushered in the development of new opportunities. Large number of companies recruiting, building a more competitive core personnel. To meet the business Personnel recruitment and job search needs of the industry, the Shanghai Housing Authority, housing security and human resources service center will be Nov. 6 at the 39th held in Shanghai Library Shanghai real estate, property, construction decoration industry job fairs. The Times than the other Comprehensive recruitment recruitment show the following three characteristics: First, after the World Expo reminder thermal carbon environmental professionals 2010 Shanghai World Expo will bring tremendous business opportunities for real estate, rental, replacement and home needs to be continued to enlarge. "Low carbon", "green energy", "eco-technology" and other new technologies, new ideas are the real estate Corporate identity and sought after, many companies focus on investment in low carbon energy efficient building construction. It also spawned the recruitment needs of relevant professionals, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, structural engineers, HVAC engineering Recruitment of teachers and other positions become hot. Recruitment of such personnel at high-paying business, according to the city Housing Authority Human Resources Service Center recently released the "Shanghai real estate industry jobs pay market report (2009-2010)" survey data Shows that the average salary of such personnel increased by 15%. Second, the executive search services to meet the employment needs of growing businesses Sustainable development needs of the real estate business talents to join the industry, many companies to recruit top talent in real estate as a top priority of this recruitment. To this end, the organizers of this recruitment service personnel City Housing Authority Service Centre, in addition to on-site recruitment services, but also relying on the Shanghai real estate industry professionals Portal - premises Talent Network (, the United Sina Locke, Metro Express, Real Estate Times, talent Market News And many other media enterprises of all types for the industry to provide comprehensive headhunting services to meet the shortage of business on the part of the recruitment needs of senior personnel needed. Third, the hundreds of online synchronous recruitment of well-known enterprises The job fair will bring together well-known in Shanghai real estate development, brokerage, appraisal, property, building decoration than 100 companies participate. Shimao Group, Macalline, Peng Yan Group, Garbo Group, Greentown Group, building Workshop Production, Yan Feng real estate, real estate Kunshan World Union era, the Central Plains real estate agents and other famous enterprises is the establishment of recruitment VIP booth, will showcase corporate image combined with the recruitment in order to achieve better publicity and recruitment results. The same time, Better meet the recruitment needs of enterprises, the city Housing Authority Human Resources Service Center is also the premises of talent network synchronization for all types of enterprises to provide online recruitment services. All participants in this business during and after recruitment, but also through the premises Recruitment for various talent network.
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