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Student recruitment was the decline of the market will "wedding" dilemma
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The establishment of market-oriented employment mechanism for the development of the talent market and laid a good foundation, but the job market has not become the optimal allocation of human resources the main form of employment of college students in this point was particularly prominent. Cohabitation and the employer's job market, students need talent out of touch, making the talent market position in the eyes of the decline of students. The talent market, "adventure" in mind November 14, a university graduate recruitment at Nanchang, Nanchang University, 2010 Executive Management graduate Tao once again disappointed. Tao before graduation to participate in the national civil service exams and with the all-night dorm room studying, but still fallen off. "You can not ask people and institutions were all admitted, someone will take down, and sometimes do not have to pay rewards." Zhangtao An comfort themselves. Statement in accordance with Zhang Tao, a civil servant is his dream, even after the test, but the first priority is to find a job to support themselves. Zhang Tao, this will be the first time in nearly a carefully crafted page resume, deliberately put the pieces of that date with his girlfriend to wear a jacket. In the talent market in a circle, Zhang Tao for ten resumes also complete grip in his hand. Zhang Tao leaning in the window, breathing the fresh air outside the window, watching people coming and going and their recruitment as the scene of young faces. "Perhaps because of our profession so unique bar, where the big corporate recruiters are salesmen, not appropriate." Tao do not want to find, ready to hurry back to school. Tao first job in the job market is looking for. That time, just after the civil service examinations, but also to vote in this place the resume, after several rounds of interviews, Zhang Tao, Nanjing Road into the golden sunlight at a company office building. No technical content of work, get on the bus get off at a random place, and then one by one in a store selling children brush manufacturers. Noon the next day at work, Tao did not tell the boss say hello, get on the bus and fled back to school. "This is simply tell myself I thought the difference in the world of work, but also strange that the company is now called and asked me why I have never been away." Tao recalled a week ago, things still feel it was a downright tragedy. The declining job market Zhang Tao, Nanchang University, job search experience is nearly 20,000 more than 2010 graduates in a microcosm. Public information, there are graduates of Nanchang University in 2010 nearly 2 million people, almost every student participated in a graduate or a civil service exam. And how to ensure there is no ten thousand students admitted to graduate or the employment of civil servants has become the annual highlight of Nanchang University. "We are as much as possible to companies with high quality to school, but also to encourage students to achieve through the network, and so many channels of employment." Nanchang University Employment Department official said. Even so, still can not guarantee that graduates find ideal desirable for each work and school fairs in the network, the job market has become a supplement. Bear Jiangxi Normal University College of Communication in the 2010 session of the 300 graduates of a member, after a few times looking for work to the talent market, "miserable" experience, the Cubs decided not to patronize the future. "I obtained his research, and also obtained his institution, all fails, I can not decide employment. I was scared into the community, so I chose Kaoyan civil service exam, and later found that this is not good, I did not figure out what you want what to do, simply to avoid. "Bear said. It is understood, Jiangxi Normal University College of Communication graduates in 2010, more than 300 study section, the civil service exam to be admitted 40 people, most of the students had to go to work. "But I've been to two job fairs job market did not go on anymore, though find many jobs, but there is not a good job. There are times when the Spring Festival to the talent market, even some jobs is to recruit skilled workers, was very disappointed that has broken my heart can withstand the bottom line. "Winnie the decision to never go beyond the talent market. University of the sudden emergence of corporate special recruitment Since October into the peak period of employment of college graduates, Nanchang University, Xiao Yang, student employment at the site to arrange corporate recruiters hands full all day. "Average daily over five or six companies to open special recruitment, we will arrange venues, today's students to attend classes, site relatively scarce, so often a site one after the other." The reporter at the Nanchang University employment Web site, some companies special recruitment information updated more frequently than usual also, medical, mechanical, communications and so on all the information industry, dazzling special recruitment companies, many of whom are China Telecom, the giant oil state-owned enterprises. "Every job fairs are overcrowded, investment resumes, interviews, re-testing, sign the agreement, basically can handle two or three days, and the efficiency of these enterprises is high, but people move a little less." Nanchang University journalism graduate Health and Xiao Wu said, because before graduation, growing pressure to find a job, the gap in writing papers, Xiao Wu, walk with the school's special recruitment among various enterprises. "With so many businesses, there will always be a job for me." Xiao Wu looked confident on the job. "Nanchang nearly more than 20,000 graduates from universities every year, according to our rough statistics, ninety eight per cent of enterprises are in the job fair at the school to find work, away on the job market looking for social work graduates are less. "Xiao Yang said:" These companies aim to recruit the school is very clear, is to graduates, so the employment of graduates has become the main channel. " Tasteless but wasteful to discard? The establishment of market-oriented employment mechanism for the development of the talent market and laid a good foundation, but the job market has not become the optimal allocation of human resources, the main form of employment of college students in this performance is particularly prominent. Many setbacks over time, for college students, the talent market will inevitably gradually became a tasteless but wasteful to discard the chicken. "Later, the basic job with the school by recruiting resumes through the Internet, basically all at the University of Nanchang, the recruitment will also good, I have a few students is to go South of the job fair, and then signed up." Winnie the media now work is also derived from a network of recruitment. "Of course, there are way better at home, be it directly arranged, but there are few ways of." Bear said. "Finding a job is not a difficult thing, but this job is good or bad, is not your favorite. But the job market positioning of the work and I really very much difference. University learned with the community needs are quite different. For me personally, I can know more than a few years to hone what they want, what they are good at. "Bear said frankly. "Students now the main channel is the network of employment and school fairs, job market is not the first choice for students looking for work, talent between the market and the needs of students, there are still a large gap between the talent market is declining in the eyes of the main reasons students . "talent market in Jiangxi Integrated Management of Assistant Minister Tang Yan, Lin said. "Jiangxi talent development in recent years although the market very quickly, but varies greatly, some irresponsible job market caused by the employer quite a mixed bag. In the maturing of the network and campus recruitment case, the shift to a direct result of Students in the ribs in the talent market position. "Tang Yan, Lin said.
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