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Think over to the profundity of interview of company of Jiangsu AAA solar energy
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One, case description:
Company location: Jiangsu A city
Interview time: On October 31, 2006 morning at 9 o'clock
Advocate interview official: The manpower of AAA company deputy always
Complementary interview official: The employee of AAA company
Apply for personnel: Oneself
Apply for position: Manpower director
Basically work: To administrative labor power deputy always be in charge of directly, the foundation of resource of all canal manpower works (oneself guess)
Ponder over a problem: The figure value of interview official 1 million? Why should undertake interview so?
Interview experiences as follows:
The process of interview goes before:
Applying for should abide by credit, the manpower employee of the enterprise informs me 31 days in the phone in the morning at 9 o'clock interview, but did not inform need what to carry to prove a file, also did not inform an enterprise specific place and traffic situation, and after arriving, contact with who, whether to have recieve. I enquire the problem of above actively accordingly, in the morning 8: 40 arrive at company entrance, the identity that informs entrance guard oneself and place beg item, after entrance guard is informed active with service (the enterprise does not have separate manpower department) connection, inform me you come to “ early, be to inform you arrived at 9 o'clock? You are waited a moment again! ” , I laugh say: Is “ comes early an opportunity bits big, you understand more! ” , entrance guard also laughs, immediately lets I enter plant area and inform administrative department to look for the employee that surnames A, do not need to do any registering, also do not have correlative character to hint. After I enter plant area, OK and free discrepancy is all place, include dining room, workshop, financial, office to wait, did not get one block the way, be full of the watched solar energy production process of interest. (note: The enterprise passes certificate of quality of ISO14001 environment system)
Await the process of interview:
I arrived administrative department, be taken an assembly room, 20 minutes in awaiting, alleviate actively without an employee to cup water intense sentiment of applicant, 9:20 advocate interview official enters assembly room, sit down directly, not with my handclasp, the meaning that also does not have handclasp expresses, my immediately handle is retractile, shut the communication tool such as the mobile phone actively, prevent to affect interview. Interview begins, advocate before interview official does not have the self introduction of opening remarks, company introduction, position introduction and interview alleviate the language of environmental pressure mood, the interview that begins to undertake opening type to me (the interview structure that interview official adopts, it is the wraparound to its summary after my interview) .
Interview query reachs an answer:
1, ask: Your word is written badly, is the level average?
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