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The office 100 divisions: The 15 differentia dissimilation of field of duty of m
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Today, the different point that we ask Shanghai psychology to seek advice from lady of with ease of guild chairman king to unscramble duty field men and women, with the farther understanding between promotional man and woman.

Have the foreign capital company with a well-known whole world, the female staff member that asks me to be them makes psychological lecture. They gave a such titles: " go up in today's duty field, how does the female compete with male equality " . To prepare this lecture, I be able to static next hearts come, how many to have after all to duty field men and women this problem made difference one time think.

Although, more and more intense duty field competes, make the sexual difference between the men and women more and more by oversight, the female lost the prerogative that is protected almost on on-the-job field, but we must admit, there still is vast difference between man and woman. If we can understand,mix accept such fact, develop the advantage with respective men and women adequately, so we can live certainly and work more easily.

1, feminine Yue Congming is flimsier, man Yue Congming is bolder.

Clever woman is sensitive normally, sensitive person exciting to the outside reaction is particularly strong. When the risk with experience other to be mixed to his undesirable mood, pressure particular when a female, she may distress because of this, and disturbed, and the flinch on on-the-job field. Person of clever and easy abigail is successful, make easily also she not compression resistance. Contrary, male intelligence an wisdom makes they are able to succeed on the career, they consequently more self-confident, more bold. Because the female is clever and of generation flimsy, actually germ does not have the male authority culture that just is heart ” at “ woman, even if is in today, clever woman is on-the-job on field very popular, be in however domesticity domain, clever the advantage that often is not regarded to be a woman however.

Of the woman clever it is knowledge accumulates the result with information age evolution. We also cannot return a woman not to hear the past of window external affairs again, what the woman is accepted only and get used to oneself is clever, ability can have good prospect and future.

2, because the woman gets and angst, because the man is done not have get and angst.

The male has conquer angst easily. When they had not gotten a certain position or achieving a certain purpose, angst forces their leave no stone unturned to strive for, and once get, they unmindful, show mix at will lax. The woman is contrary however, when she did not get, she is cheesy, and once get, she begins angst. The female is not afraid of cannot get, fear however and answer break.

In bisexual affection respect, the typical display of this kind of psychology is, the girl when love is proud princess, and once marry, what the woman worries about a man is not faithful, hate cannot bind husband on his pants chatelaine. The cause of formation of this kind of psychology, because the woman is used to beefeater,be, the man is used to aggression. And the woman goes up in psychology and character only more independent, ability has the mood of stable harmony.
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