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Wang Huaina: Person of duty already manage is too drab
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Before chief inspector of market of region of cereal song Asia-Pacific, show darling to cultivate CEO Wang Huaina recently when topic of refer profession handler, say professional handler of China is too at present drab. He thinks, outstanding professional handler should resemble fine actor same, be good at deducing different role.

Regard a profession as handler, wang Huaina has Mai Ken stannum, Bao Jie, Gu Ge to wait for many transnational corporation to manage experience. Look in him, outstanding professional handler should be good at crossing part show, in the company each phase, basis differs style, undertake the part is changed ceaselessly.

This also is why to think south king bosom, the EBay CEO Whitman that is about to retire is he has seen best professional handler. "In 10 years of Whitman profession handler, acted the part of all sorts of period, changing a style ceaselessly, final EBay by a small website, turn into the Internet market with the biggest whole world. Turn into the Internet market with the biggest whole world..

Wang Huaina thinks, china's at present common handler is divided kind, one kind is constant be angry and fierce " ground beetle " , one kind always is genteel " chelonian " , very drab. And be short of break among kind, just be the handler that provides stereo face most. "I am not to say I had been become among that kind, but I am stood by in effort. But I am stood by in effort..

Before media, wang Huaina is optimistic and conversable, gentle adn cultivated. But he emphasizes, oneself can be used in the style of the company " doughty " will describe, it is hawkish " chelonian " .

He laughs say, "Doughty " not be to show 祎 of similar Zhou Hong pats a table, or the means that Wang Lei thunder throws ashtray, however a kind of decision-making power and the expression on executive force. "In fact, pat a table or throw ashtray to be able to not solve any problems. Pat a table or throw ashtray to be able to not solve any problems..

Although the present identity austral king bosom is a person that do poineering work, but he does not think to choose to do poineering work, deny the value of professional handler namely, and the darling tree that he establishs, as a result of professional handler identity join, the war that also lets this do poineering work becomes more " amused " .

Look in him, doing poineering work is not to who spell more meeting financing, who to spell to be able to be free from anxiety more however work do innovation, and these, professional handler appears more be good at. Popular to be in poineering company " appear on the market " or " sell " target, wang Huaina had not considered, because " too distant " .

"As introducer, I am leading army to fight everyday, I want to guide good group only, in 1 year or 1 year the time of half accomplishs darling tree definite pattern, gain achieves certain dimensions, if think prospective outlet at the beginning, it is can abstracted, 2 be to do poineering work to do not have fun. " Wang Huaina says.
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