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What kind of person is the easiest by " hunt " ?
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Spirit of industry setting, professional knowledge, group and beautiful of all of individual moral character person be hunt head love most

What industry is mixed at present profession most favour of firm of head sufferring hunt? The reporter understands, generally speaking, technology kind (the personnel of advanced research and development that is like all sorts of industries) , market sale, market is engineered kind and advanced managing kind of hunt that the talent is in Shenzhen in head market most popular, include the profession such as professional handler, financial personnel next more popular also. With respect to the industry, the worker of industry of machining, electron by " hunt " probability is higher. Limited company of adviser of division acute Fox's talent carries out trustee plum bright bright express, "As a whole, in Shenzhen most suffer what hunt head firm favors to have 6 large trades: IT industry, electron is made course of study, IC or semiconductor sale line of business, real estate, as retail as the service wait with content shedding course of study. " " for inaugural Wu, if IT owner is abroad support of sale, technology, overseas financing; Real estate basically is sale of program design, market, medium senior management. Real estate basically is sale of program design, market, medium senior management..

What kind of person is the easiest " by hunt " ? Western Ding Feng of minister of head of hunt of hunt head firm expresses, should have very strong industry above all from setting of course of study, professional knowledge, experience all excellent; Next, want to have group spirit, "Again wonderful person shoulds not group also be no good " ; Again, moral character is very main also, basically include professional morality and individual moral character two respects; Finally, "Integrated ability is very important also. "Integrated ability is very important also..

Li Jiong bright analysis, hunt head process basically has look for, select, evaluate and recommend 4 phase. In the first phase, main demand " prey " have rich industry experience and working ability, and be in the 2nd, 3 phase, basically value " prey " valuation ability, before look up ability, communication ability, active job state of mind. "Actually, the talent that the enterprise needs can use a word to generalize: Can bring the person of the biggest economic benefits for the enterprise. " Ding Feng answers a reporter. (Shenzhen business signs up for reporter Ma Jianfang)

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