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The loss of local young talent when it is no longer a serious scarcity of crea
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Core Readings State to only hing, industry to Caiwang. Personnel quality, quantity, structure and role play, the question of national, regional and development of enterprises, related to our goal of building a moderately prosperous society. 2003 release of "fifth" Planning for the first time as a national strategy for human resources strategy, to this year's "national long-term talent development program (2010-2020)," the release of "creative talent" has become the whole of society concern and hot high-frequency words. Accordance with the "second five" plan proposed to speed up development mode, we need more creative talents. Traditional industrial innovation Can not be closed-door Phenomenon: the traditional industries to meet the existing technology, researchers, few practical results Countermeasures: the state has increased support to strengthen the sense of enterprise and industry innovation 【Background Information】 Traditional industry is regarded as a sunset industry. Support economic development has long relied on a "cheap" - cheap and cheap labor resources and the environment, but rely on cheaper labor no longer appropriate development of the times. Economists believe that better development of our economy depends on "the new knowledge economy, new technologies to transform traditional industries." Traditional industries in the national economy take the basic position, with the technology, many traditional industries in China in the lack of technological innovation, many products still in use long before the technical standards. CPPCC National Committee, Hebei University of Technology Institute of Microelectronics Technology and Materials Liu Yuling that the traditional wide range of industrial applications, infrastructure and strong, should be the pace of industrial development through information and promote the innovation of traditional industries. "A lot of employees in traditional industries, lack of sense of innovation in general, satisfied with the use of existing technology, even engage in innovation, there are also costs a lot of trouble but can not really come up with workable, greatly improving the efficiency of the innovation problem." Liu Yuling that we both understand the lack of a law of development of traditional industries and the status quo, and innovative young scientists and workers. So, how do independent innovation, continue to revitalize traditional industries? Liu Yuling suggested the country to increase support for efforts to effectively train a number of traditional industries to modern scientific and technical personnel, in particular, business managers and industry to strengthen the sense of innovation policy makers. Because many innovations do come out, but the lack of effective financial support and the use of aborted. CPPCC National Committee members, Professor of East China University of Technology Fujian Blue Wave seems, the use of independent innovation in the process of upgrading traditional industries, "is the secondary development of the patent." He believes that technology is not backward in a single country or even around the world are advanced, but the integration of technology innovation and development still need to work the second. In this regard, the key is to work closely with technology and demand, so that more targeted application. "This is inseparable from sound science and technology intermediary service system, the key is to have a number of technology brokers." Fujian Blue Wave recommends that national policies should be studied to give some support to promote the establishment of specialized training institutions, training and training technology brokers people to improve the ability of brokers, regulate brokering. At the same time and give them policy support, nurture and develop expertise brokers, creating a professional brokers. CPPCC National Committee, the CAS Institute of Plasma Physics, deputy director of Manpower participated in last year, the National Natural Science Foundation of scientific planning of a project, found that between China and developed countries in the ability of independent innovation of traditional industries still a big gap. "There is a big reason is that we can really small number of personnel engaged in scientific research, practical results out of less, so to enhance the capability of independent innovation, is obviously very difficult." Manpower on that innovation is not a traditional industry people do behind closed doors, "engaged in scientific research should take full account of how scientific research and technology into productive forces, to improve labor productivity services" should also strengthen exchanges with the outside world, have broad domestic and international exchanges and cooperation between. Technology innovation is related to national economic development and the strategic importance of national security, and only adhere to independent innovation, continue to push forward the entire Chinese economy, catch up with international competition in advanced technology trends, remain the dominant position in certain industries.
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